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  • thesavvymonkey777 thesavvymonkey777 Oct 31, 2013 8:55 PM Flag

    OK, Seriously... Enough Is Enough.

    I've had it with watching this downward dither passively, and so it's time for me to get active and take advantage of it. For real.

    IF this stock gets down to $1.01/share, then I am buying 10,000 more shares of it. No fear here.

    Go ahead and slowly bring it down to that level, and when you see that 10,000 shares "all or none" order that is in at BID $1.01/share... You guessed it. That's me.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I think it will get to 1.01 in 5-10 days. They just let it grind down, now we are again testing 1.10. It's only a matter of time because the volume is so low that 1.10 breaks.

    • "...when you see that 10,000 shares "all or none" order that is in at BID $1.01/share..."

      It's been my experience that an all or none bid, or ask, is rarely if ever shown on the screen even when it's high bid or low ask. That's coming off my own personal bids and asks at the all or none level, whenever i make a aon higher bid or lower than is being shown on screen. From what i understand it doesn't have to be, only the high bid and low ask at the single round lot level have to be shown. Level 2 when i used to use it, i don't remember the type order being shown, only the quantity and mm involved. Been years since i used level 2 though, found it simpler to look at bid and ask quantities at the current low bid/high ask level. Of course, i could be wrong on all that. Whatever. Good luck whichever way it goes for you.

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      • OTC mkts are most manipulated one. You will see bid for 100 shares and if you sell 100 K also, it will take it.

        If you think the stock is a multi-bagger it is 1.01 and 1.11 do not matter. The potential is too big to miss.

        Takeda will not absolve any responsibility for the fatalities, since there are too many variables from Old age to multiple drug prescription for each patients.

        AMGN's EPOGEN and ARSNEP's are not the safest ones, they are the biggest killers, that is why constantly FDA issued adversary recommendations.

        FMS earnings should be watched carefully. FMS can't make money with the cost of EPO and Arsneps, it is not only the cost of the Drug but the labor intensive thrice weekly dosages, 12-15 times a month against Once per month,

        Even though AMGN reduced the prices for these folks, it was temperory to keep Omontys away from the market place. AMGN can't continue for ever, it is selling below cost to keep the competitors away.

        O is a win win, what spooked Takeda is FMS's reluctance to extend the pilot program further. FMS probably learnt a lesson and they will be more than accepting the drug and agree to rollout nationwide.

        It is going to be very interesting to watch! Definitely in my opinion the DRUG is coming back, with a Bang!

        GLTA LONGS!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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