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  • jwilli123 jwilli123 Nov 2, 2013 2:19 PM Flag


    why did this also tank in june of 2010?

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    • Grey you're sounding an awful lot like GeedoubleUPee here. Are we to think that jwilli wasn't smart enough on his own to google the question? Are we to assume he didn't already know the answer? Then the second question. Yahoo says 0 shares. What does Yahoo list as short interest my friend? 18.48 million? Is that nearly 200% higher than it actually is? Can either of you tell us how many options Orwin has before you state insiders have no shares? Now for the grey reply. Are you making up 'ongoing' investigations? Absolute truth? Why would they be spending money on a condition for which the drug has not been approved? Are you confused as to what investigation is in progress? I don't think you get to post misleading info unless you have had 30 years experience doing so. I suggest you educate yourself on the study for which the drug was approved. And if you know for sure that there were no screw ups at the dialysis facilities we'd love to see your sources for ourselves. Please send the link oh bitter one. (expected response: Better bitter than broke)
      Well GeedoubleUPee I think I did pretty well READING BETWEEN THE LINES of these guys trying to impersonate you don't you think? (the preceeding is for entertainment purposes only)

    • Answer: Sudden DEATHS by O reported in PEARL trials. All the weasels here know this but they will not dare to say the truth. This is part of what makes them all weasels. The 'ongoing' investigation into the Sudden-Death-By-O started 3.5 years ago and still there is no explanation. Understand that this is the absolute truth and invest accordingly. Thank you.

    • It tanked in Feb. The drop in June was due to delisting. Insiders are new to conserve cash.

    • oh and yahoo says insiders own 0 shares, is that right? lol

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