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  • sonay10 sonay10 Nov 4, 2013 6:37 PM Flag

    AFFY Quaterly report ?

    I am curious to see cash in hand - , Expenses any Payment form Taxeda of any kind ... If any... O return PR will come form Takeda , we all know that ... what else are you longs looking for.. which will increase the stock price ..

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    • There will be hardly any news about O's return.

      Takeda will not reveal anything to AFFY.


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      • Why not sharing news with Affy management,Why is so much secrecy? Are they afraid to leak the news public...?.

      • How much funds Funds does Affy need to survive for 5- 6 months more ..?????? that should give Takeda more than enough time to finish the investigation ....

      • Whoops, hit the thumbs up instead of the reply. My mistake, subtract one thumbs up from your total - lol

        "Takeda will not reveal anything to AFFY."

        I kind of doubt that Jagan. Or at least question it. Takeda's taken over the research but that doesn't necessarily mean they have the right to not let current affy mgt know what's going on. Affy mgt would want to know so they can be preparing for or even already enacting their own next moves on the status of affy itself; holding tight, selling out, bk prep. Might be a little early to finalize anything but it's a good sign imo that no move has overtly been made to proceed to bk. Whispers to me that o hasn't been disproved to this point and research is either continuing, or, in the unlikely, very unlikely i think, scenario that takeda broke it off earlier, will continue in the future. That or a decision on the viability or non-viability of o's already recently been reached but yet to be announced. Announced publicly i mean. In such a case i'm very near 100% certain affy mgt knowledge would be current.

        All pure spec on my part of course, but i think overall logical. Regards

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