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  • maxdaddyo maxdaddyo Nov 5, 2013 4:17 PM Flag

    Full disclosure

    Until today I had held all my shares (actually sold 35000 a few months ago to take it back down to 250,000 shares). But given that there was absolutely no information from either F or A on investigation progress I sold another 100k (avg of $1.05 and at a substantial loss) to apply to Questcor. I have NOT lost faith in the ultimate resolution of Omontys at all, but I did lose some faith in the fact that there should have been some indication of the investigations progress at this point. And for me 150k shares is plenty awaiting the ultimate payoff when Omontys is returned. This is in no way a concession to the whack pack's misdirection and misinformation as I believe that it has always been and remains bogus, but sometimes thinning positions is the right thing to do and I did it. I hope this doesn't disappoint anyone and continue to believe that Affymax will provide a very healthy payday, but am clueless now as to when or even when they'll make comment.

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    • FWIW max, im certainly a loser with this stock but im not selling, and it makes me sick to hear people blame u for whatever reason for their losses, hey, if my DD is trusting someone elses DD, then that's the path I chose and its on me, we all should know by now that there is risk with every investment, that's why they have a ticker, WHAT I WOULD HATE TO SEE for some loser blaming u for anything keeping u from sharing your DD from here on MY 2 CENTS

    • great job pumping... remember I was the guy with the family and kids... if I held on per ur suggestion... they wud have no food at the moment... im glad i sold when i did... have some dignity and class and just admit ur wrong so others can sell too

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      • "...if I held on per ur suggestion... they wud have no food at the moment... im glad i sold when i did"

        If that's true then you're a fool and should never have been playing in the market. I can't pull any punches when i see something like that. Max's suggestion or under your own direction, anyone who willingly puts himself, forget the family, into a position of devastation simply has no business in something like this. Are you a compulsive gambler or simply an impulsive and impressionable one?

    • Maxdad - Thanks for sharing your business decision and the reasons why. Makes sense, just as the times when you delineated the reasons for buying, the reasons for properly weighing significant risk, and , most importantly, why one must not see your comments as the majority of their DD but the starting point. It appears that the ones who are lambasting are the ones who failed to analyze my second point and participate in my third point.
      I do not plan to sell any of mine as a result of my personal DD. I own the stock and own FULL responsibility for owning the stock. Simple as that. If it goes to zero, then it not because of Maxdad, EXP, or GWP. Oh yeah, but I still consider GWP to be a misleading buffoon. Jim

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      • Yup. To all of it except not quite to the make sense comment. The one question i have is over why he's lost some faith now over silence. Does silence now hold some significant meaning for him? If so, just what? Does it mean to him lack of progress in the research? Or does it mean the opposite? No doubt max wouldn't have sold if it meant the opposite to him, but why didn't silence up to this point mean anything? Just because he thought they would break silence for a quarterly report? I don't know any company that would do that, wait for a scheduled release if they have significant news they want released.

        I don't see it unless he can explain it adequately. Adequately to me that is. Adequate can be measured differently by different people. Once again, whether max can explain it adequately or not really doesn't mean much at all in the grand scheme of things. He'd just be basically guessing, as are we all.

    • Thank you Judas Sheep Maxdad! You were a grand part of Operation AFFY Retail Bagholders. Why did you always disappear when AFFY was at its highs, only to come back again to load up another flock on the AFFY pumps and dumps?

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      • If anything my disclosure should have convinced even you that I was anything but a pump and dump versus your relentless bashing. I took a 22 cent loss on each of the 100k I sold yesterday, so if I lead anyone into a mosh pit it was myself. In the meanwhile I can at least say that everything I did was done with the best of intentions and integrity versus everything you did which was completely and utterly criminal.

    • " I have NOT lost faith in the ultimate resolution of Omontys at all, but I did lose some faith in the fact that there should have been some indication of the investigations progress at this point."

      Sorry but those two statements are in direct contradiction to one another. Other's here are questioning how long AFFY can last on available cash. Since you are a numbers guy why don't you bolster everyone's confidence by telling us what this latest report says about how long they can last. You give the appearance, via your selling, that you have doubts that they can last long enough.

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      • Again, I HELD 60% of my holdings (150,000 shares) which alone should tell you something...I just had too many invested that I really didn't need to hold on to. As for cash situation, as I have said all along they have more than sufficient cash to hold on for quite a while. Someone here said 6 months but that's nonsense. They currently have $6.9 million and a 50,000 a month (approx) burn rate...If you want me to do the division for you let me know, but it is clearly NOT a cash problem at the moment. If any of you are upset, the people you should be upset with are Takeda and Affymax for NOT giving you/us an update on the investigation which was LONG OVERDUE!!!

      • "Sorry but those two statements are in direct contradiction to one another."

        Yup to most of your post. Again though, i cannot see any big hurdles against getting additional funding if/when needed if the drug research has been progressing satisfactorily in o's favor. I imagine private investors would jump at the chance if it looks like that, and i doubt takeda could legally block the dissemination of information on progress of the research in such case.

        That said, it's opinion only on my part, but if you do some thinking about it it should be the most logical conclusion you could come to i imo. I'd like to see another opinion. An honest one. I believe i have an open mind. No one would invest in a pre-phase 1 drug if i'm wrong. Here we certainly are well past that stage. I can't see how any other conclusion could be reached on chance of getting additional investment. If we need and get it, the question then would be how much dilution we take with it.

        Cart before the horse. Another near 8 months at minimum per the wording. Long time to go, long time for more research to be accomplished, long time for the paint to dry.

    • "I hope this doesn't disappoint anyone and continue to believe that Affymax will provide a very healthy payday, but am clueless now as to when or even when they'll make comment."

      Max, you lost credibility with me. I trust you're not all broken up over that - lol. But i've got to put you in gwp's class. Well, at least you never pumped the drug, you did note it was all or nothing at all, and i saw no lies fro you about the true so you're not quite down to the doof, but i don't get the thinking. Knowing it's that all or nothing, believing overwhelmingly it's coming back; believing a huge payoff, i imagine you'd agree in the neighborhood of 10:1 or better, what's qcor's upside?; knowing it could be any time, takeda saying something now or no (did takeda say anything last report they made?; did you sell when they didn't?); all that and probably more if thought about it, you go and sell. That may not be a concession to the misdirection of theirs but i think it's a concession to the misdirection of yours.

      No matter. I have said here that less than a year's worth of research seemed like it could be too short of a time expectation. I did note i've been involved with some that it took a couple of years worth of additional research after fda approvable before the drug got proved worthy of being marketed, and in the case of elan before it got re-proved, and it would not me to see it take at least that amount of time here. But i'd also not be surprised to see it take less.

      No max, i think some from the other side got you pegged right. I hope those who trusted in you don't get blown out by your post. I hope they didn't believe you were moses leading them to the promised land. Any that do and did, and you're the only reason they were here, they shouldn't have been playing this stock anyway. Probably shouldn't have been playing in the market except maybe through mutual funds.

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      • I have always been straight up with regard to Affymax, my views on it, my research and my investment. I had far more than I needed and will still do great when it comes to pass. I find it hard to believe you're giving me a hard time by my continuing to disclose everything I have going on here but that's your call. If you feel betrayed I am truly sorry as I would be by anyone who feels I let them down or betrayed them...But from day one until today I have been 100% straight up whether you choose to believe it or not.

      • "...and i saw no lies fro you about the true so..."

        Make that the "...true pharmacology of the drug, so..." The fro should have been from but i'm not gonna worry about correcting that one 8 ).

    • you're a FRAUD...

    • I have always believed that if O returns, it would take 12-18 months. I was surprised the stock ran back to $2 at all- I said on an earlier post I thought the stock would stay at a dollar and we would have a year long wait so I am still holding. I actually hope we go down some more- maybe 50-70 cents in 2-3 more months (though I doubt it) so I i can load up - it will be irrelevant either way once the investigation is over.

    • Personally, I'd pare it down to 50k and put the rest into QCOR. That has a brighter future, plus an extra $500/ qtr divvy. I wish I had your cash DaddyO....I'd burn mine!


    • Thanks, I too do not like the lack of updates, though my guess is 12-18 months for DNA research. I also do not understand why a company would tell investors that if you want an update, it is the hands of another company (Takeda). How would another company regardless of investment have your best interest in mind?

      Still holding 50k shares.

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