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  • t0m.mirabit0 t0m.mirabit0 Nov 8, 2013 8:46 PM Flag

    Is anyone ready to weigh in on a stock swap?

    I have said it before. We need a plan. We obviously can't rely on management to look out for shareholders.
    They sit silent while the share price tumbles. Is that what restructuring firms do? See how the volume picks up as the price is falling. I can't wait to see updated short position numbers but I fear they will be declining.
    Where is all that interest you had just before the Oct options expiration? Back then it was where will the stock go once calls on 3.5 million expire? Well common sense would have suggested up as those who used them as a hedge covered but that's not the case is it. I don't understand your lack of interest in developing a plan to lock these shares away from shorts and at the same time squeeze the weasels. Force them to cover all at once with a single announcement of a deal. The waiting game your involved in may go on for some time and its just not healthy. How many of you are losing sleep with the declining price? Any doubts creeping in yet?
    In a day. IN A DAY. Don't give them the luxury of covering over months.
    Its not too late but the longer we put off taking action the smaller the short position becomes.
    And you could take some pride in being part of something big. In a day.
    Do you understand the potential here? Our lost potential can't be more than what we've already put in. Their lost potential is limitless. What I have proposed didn't require any further investment. Once I got a reply asking how can it be done. Well lucky us we have an experienced firm working for us. Maybe I'm wrong about TBG and they can help develop shareholder protections. Let's hope so. I'll try to spend some time this weekend working up an official letter to our chairman and the board. Who knows what might happen once they're asked in writing. Isn't that what the courts want? Documentation. Not much else to do while waiting on Takeda.

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    • I'm afraid you presume too much. From what I read here you are describing an owner defending his property from thieves as a manipulator. And short sellers had nothing to do with the Valentine's Day Massacre. That was all due to long selling because FNCNA's letter recommended continued use, or was it a repeat of loose lips in the legal dept at Affy? Affy didn't get below a dollar without extreme short participation.

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      • Yeah I disagree that it got below a dollar because of extreme short selling. In fact it was trading above a dollar before Max said he was selling down his position. And since then volume has picked up materially and the stock sold off, probably as his long followers decided to dump shares.
        And from reading the posts on here it appears many are frustrated with the lack of information and persistent decline in the price- which I believe is causing more long selling.
        In any event, that is what makes a market.

    • I think you are completely misdirected in believing the stock is being driven down by the shorts- and you have seen the reaction when one of the staunchest longs decided to lighten his position. It's much more likely that the stock is declining as a result of long selling, not short selling, but it may be some of both.
      What you are proposing is some attempt to manipulate the stock higher during which I presume you would be happy to sell out and yourself have little conviction of a favorable O outcome.

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      • Jagan........I totally agree with you too many catalysts to ignore. IMO I feel the investigation is very very close to being over and they are now trying to negotiate with Fres. on how to move forward. I also feel they are in negotiations with Davita. O is much safer then Epo and cost effectiveness as you say Medicaid/Medicare reimbursement is so important. There are just to many PROS, and I tell myself that everyday, makes it a little easier since I'm $16,000 (on Paper) in the whole. I did talk with one of the Docs at Takeda USA about a month ago and he said their office wasn't involved in the investigation to call corporate. The hardest part for ALL of us is sitting and waiting. I was stationed in Japan for 2 yrs in the AF as a nurse, and believe me they are not in a rush, not instant gratification like we are, and they truly dot all their I's cross their T's. Certain people on this board do keep me enthusiastic and I try to focus on that not all the doom and gloom and BS. Hope you and Tom continue to post...Thanks Lynn

      • It is indeed ran by shorts, there are around 7 MLN shorted shares officially. How many the funds shorted from their in-house, wall street is such a mysterious play.

        All in all this is a binary event, and the probability of re-introduction of the drug far higher. If you are a long stay put, I consider this as a once in a lifetime opportunity and will stick around whatever the time it takes and until Takeda issues its results.

        There are too many catalysts to ignore, the major one come Nov 27th you have the new MEDICAL/MEDICARE reimbursement regime is going to come to play. Already the dialysis centers are squeezed, despite AMGN selling the drug at or below cost for longterm contract holders.

        GLTA LONGS!

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    • Hang in tight I understand your concern and u r right we should do some thing .. Did anybody called Takeda ... should we call their PR department .. to simply release an update

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    • Hang tight Tom. I've bin in affy for 7 months. Im holding about 35,000 shares. I chk the stock every few days cuz it was draining. Now we r all at the point the O will b back. Just a matter of time. It will happen. I've sat a recall for a year before and the payout is amazing.

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    • T0m, I was one of those who really thought O would be back on the market... I gave up a couple of months ago and in the back of mind, I always thought, what if it is announced next week... I eventually bit the bullet and sold at $1.30... now I'm in OXBT and it's a low float monster. Have a look and see for yourself. GL with AFFY but I think it's finished. No news coming and if there is any news... it's how much money has been burned with no revenues... not short, but just my thoughts.

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