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  • fatnusss fatnusss Nov 15, 2013 12:49 PM Flag

    Shorts will drop and pop it between .80 and .90

    week after week until they cover. They drive it down in the morning to invite selling
    and then they gobble up shares, bidding back up a nickle or so, plus or minus. Typical
    short covering action.

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    • It won't take weeks. There were 6 million shares short according to shortsqueeze's last report down 350,000 from the previous. There's still quite a few options out there to hedge 2 or 3 million. According to NASDAQ funds own fewer than 80,000. We're on our own till news hits. I still have cash but I got into this for the huge short that has evaporated and apparently shareholders don't care enough to attempt to move mgt to act. Thanks riv for your input I'd like to continue to pick your brain. Please send contact info to my gmail account president_elect_tom if you'd care to further discuss.

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      • Tom, i appreciate the offer but have to decline. I'm much more involved on these boards now than i ever intended to be. For years i've basically stuck to one board, cgmfx, and it kept me sufficiently amused and busy. Now that i've branched to a total of 4 i don't even have the time to read my books. I think it took me a week to polish off the Besides, i think i've emptied here just about everything useful i have in my brain.

        Funds owning fewer than 80,000 may not mean much of anything. Many funds can't own anything below $5. I don't know the circumstances of the particular funds so can't comment factually any further on that. Shareholder apathy, certainly nothing new. I don't know that there's anything mgt could do differently than they do now, except maybe issue frequent reports basically stating nothing new they are able to report on. Either because nothing new has occurred or nothing new they can report on or nothing new they know from takeda.

        Good luck with whatever you do but i think you should recognize the shorts may control the price for now but the science will control the outcome. The price is a lot lower than it was just a short time ago and the final result is a lot nearer to being reached. If you held through the, i guess better periods would be the best way to put it, not good periods, i don't see the point of leaving now. Unless you've still got enough money sunk in this stock where the loss of it all would really hurt you enough to change your life style. I've never, ever sunk that much, not anywhere near that much, in any stock. Regards.

    • Interesting action in as much as some big blocks have traded today. 111k on the sell side, 40k, 50k and 67k on the buy side. Wonder if that was Maxdad further liquidating with that big block.

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