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  • najinaji Nov 17, 2013 9:49 PM Flag

    Case 9122561 and case 9238601 are about the same patient

    thanks to "Walk the Talk"'s comment on the SA article yesterday, we now know that mane CASE Reports are talking about the same patient..

    "Walk the Talk" .. thank you.. we miss your articles..

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    • Is this for real? You do understand what concomitant means?
      "Concomitant means occurring during the same time period."
      From: A service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine

      Before you continue I just want to say I feel much better since naj posted this yesterday.
      A big thank you to Walk the Talk and Alpo Expo for the info presented.
      Previous to that I was contemplating selling 80% of my shares based on researching the company by-laws which are a disgrace to say the least. Second only to SHORTING.

      Having browsed through the FAERS report from Seeking Alpo I will hold on to my shares for now.
      These are but a few of the cases that give me more confidence in my investment.

      9121796 Did this patient have MRSA? (superbug) Vanco very strong
      9121797 Wrong drug administered?

      The first two patients I see have both Epogen and Omontys, 8760087 and 8758371, Omontys suspect Epogen concomitant. Is this like giving an overdose of ESAs?
      880639, 8811220 more combo therapy of Epogen and Omontys.
      And more Epogen/O Combinations
      9121919 Aranesp/O combo
      9122580 Aranesp/Epogen/Omontys a triple play
      9122588 is this the subcutaneous patient Also concomitant with Epogen
      Did those filing these reports understand what concomitant means?

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      • The Fresenius rollout was designed to replace Epogen patients with Omontys as did the EMERALD/PEARL studies. One of the criticisms of the O clinical trials was that no Epo naive patients were treated. Consequently, it would not surprise me if all of the Fresenius adverse incident reports show Epogen/Omontys as medications administered. And of course, the vast majority of O anaphylaxis deaths/SAEs have happened on the first dose of O.

    • It is interesting to note in the comments section of the article there has not been a reply to Walk the Talk's comment by AE as of yet.

    • Thanks Naj, for your excellent work. I did quote, how come they administered Benedryl to these patients, since these patients are very sick and DO NOT HAVE ANY IMMUNE left in their system. They need just EPI-PEN or equivalent.

      As each day passby we are closer to a resolution. Definitely Takeda will bring the Drug back based on the 25000 Patients profile and ensure it is administered to the patient population who do not have any issue (0 % reaction) and excellent Benefit profile, with a close supervision of Takeda.
      Can't wait for the day of relaunch.


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    • Were there patients on both epogen and omontys?
      I tried to download but couldn't. I tried copy and paste, no good. I'd like to get the whole file and TABULATE these adverse events for ANALYSIS of possible comorbidities and drug interactions. Oh that's what FMS was about to do just before they pulled the drug.

    • Thanks I read the comment as well. I pointed out that there were at least 3 deaths with multiple drugs considered to be suspect besides O. It is good that someone did dig deeper into the report to point out several inaccuracies in AE analysis as per usual. Of course the shorts like to poo poo these and gloss them over when people have pointed these out.

    • Thanks naj

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