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  • thesavvymonkey777 thesavvymonkey777 Nov 29, 2013 8:01 AM Flag

    The Bash Train Has Run Out Of Steam Here...

    Bashing AFFY at $0.83/share with The Binary Event pending and coming at literally any time with what we can assume will be no "fair warning" at all is the stock market equivalent of trying to squeeze a small rock hard enough to make an elephant come out of it. Totally pointless, and totally ridiculous, too!

    Give it up, bashers. It's a waste of time to bash AFFY at this point in the story. Longs like me are here to stay and locked in for The Binary Event. THIS TREE DOESN'T SHAKE. PERIOD.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • "Bashing AFFY at $0.83/share"

      Honestly, i was about to write something very much along those lines when i saw this new one, this angry forker. The stupidity is so clear. I do believe, if they've really got a short side stake in this one, they are the epitome of the the late to the party short, those that get left holding the bag at the end. That irritating guy, he got lucky getting away with his skin and doesn't know it. Happens. The rest of them, the ones with no position, those here just to screw around, that's a simply a self-proven mental deficiency. You know that, i know that, they know that, but they can't help themselves.

      Why are there so many of them on the yahoo boards? I wonder if anyone's done a psych paper on this. Might be an acceptable doctoral thesis on a modern day illness spawned by the internet.

    • najinaji Nov 29, 2013 8:56 AM Flag

      This tree does not shake

      Sentiment: Buy

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