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  • noquickgame noquickgame Nov 30, 2013 10:39 AM Flag

    AFFY facts

    AFFY pps may fluctuate due to market demand, but the fundamentals have not changed. The latest attack from AE tried to use "facts" support his/her short position, only to be completely destroyed by a deeper analysis. Here is an excerpt (by WalkTheTalk):
    "All 10 cases were analyzed in more details. Here what was found:

    1. About 5 deaths were associated with O. Death patients showed anaphylactic shock symptoms. However, the real cause are need to be investigated as mentioned in the report from CHMP and news from Affymax. what is news?

    2. All treatments for anaphylaxis right after O admin were in-appropriate. Physicians and nurses should have injected Epi right away once patients showed the symptoms. Only Epi injection is the most effective treatment for anaphylaxis as known in medical field. However, as I mentioned before, majority of physicians and nurses don't know much how to deal with anaphylaxis. Most importantly there was no clear instruction in O description as well.

    3. AE made misleading statements here as always. Six death cases mentioned in his article are duplicate in three deaths based their age, gender, weight, incident date and similar descriptions. The Patient in the case 9238601 is the same in Case 9122561. Patient in the Case 9238609 is the same in Case 9154117; The patient in the Case 9238502 is the same in the Case 9122574.

    4. There is no mentioned if and how patients died after O admin in two cases, 9238605 and 9171699. Maybe death causes are unrelated to O.

    5. In the Case 9236530, the patient got an anti-anaphylactic shock agent (Benadryl) right after the symptoms occurred even though Benadryl is much less effective than Epi. The patient survived in that incident (but died later due to other complications). It showed that there IS a solution to solve anaphylaxis problem happened in O admin."

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