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  • thesavvymonkey777 thesavvymonkey777 Nov 30, 2013 12:00 PM Flag

    Regardless Of Your Sentiments Of AFFY, USE LIMIT ORDERS ONLY When Trading It!

    Using market orders, especially in a stock that is as heavily manipulated as this one can be on low trading volume, is completely foolish.

    Whether a buyer or a seller, use limit orders only. Don't let the robots that are working on Wall Street today #$%$ out of the money that is rightfully yours!

    For that matter, you can use an "all or none" constraint on the limit order, too, so that your entire trade executes all at the same time instead of having the robots pick away at it 100 shares at a time.

    Disclosure... I've been using limit orders with "all or none" constraints exclusively for the past 10 years or so in the stock market, and I've never had an issue with a trade not going through at an expected level or sometimes even at a better than expected level as a result.

    Bring humanity back into Wall Street!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • That was a ploy by operators to take out STOP LIMIT orders, apparently there was NONE existing, otherwise they would have cornered all the shares below 80 cents.

      Absolutely there is no stock available for their 6 MLN shorts, they will have to up the price to fill their orders.

      Many of the Brokerages do not allow Market orders below $1, you have to place a Limit order only.

      It was a real scare ploy by GEE WEE PEE and associates, now you all know who the big player behind AFFY short is and the 44 cents Price tag?

      All the 6 MLN shorts (that is official) and numerous ones is just from one Brokerage house and all these morons GEE WEE PEE, GAY CORNER's work for it.

      You got it folks. If I have money I'll buy more at these levels above my 75 K shares for my short term squeeze till $1.45-1.50 range.


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    • Agree with most, but if you're low ask or high bid and want people to see it you normally won't get that appearing on the trading screen with an aon order. I imagine computers will detect it but people won't unless they're looking at level II. If you really, i mean REALLY, want the order to be filled you've a better shot without an aon. I don't mind the picking away. As long as it's in the same day there's no added commission, commission coming only for the first trade.

    • Thanks savvy for the great advice!!!!

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    • Oh, and PS... About 10 years ago, I was a victim of a market order that didn't execute how I expected it to when I placed it, and so I learned the hard way from it. Don't make the same mistake that I did... Limit orders with "all or none" constraints are the way to play this game, folks.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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