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  • bbondslf25 bbondslf25 Jan 24, 2014 10:36 AM Flag

    This stock is so boring that sometimes

    I get excited when we even DROP and go RED... as long as I see high volume...somebody needs to hit this dead cat and get it going...

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    • Barry,

      What do you expect? This company has shut down operations, scaled back to only four people - who work for a 'restructuring' firm specializing in BK. They never had any drug in development except for Killer O. O never claimed to be superior to humongous industry standard EPO - just equivalent. We all now know it is not equivalent. There is other competition coming which is once/month. The once/month 'advantage' meant nothing in the dialysis setting. The company had been kicked off NASDAQ and called (by them) a Shell Company.

      And you want volume? C'mon, how many times can day-trader-losers pump up this nonsense to $2 and then sell out to chump-twerps?

      This is a true joke stock to own. The only people are interested are those sad sacks who did not sell at $20. They were given humongous flashing warning signs by F that there was humongous trouble. They rolled the dice by deciding to ignore flashing warnings (or were too dumb to understand press release) and so now, one year later, they are still unable to move on. It is a sad spectacle to behold but it is good entertainment until Spanish novellas are on in the evening.

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