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  • dblornil dblornil Feb 1, 2014 5:04 PM Flag

    affy news

    for what ever reason yahoo doesn't allow me to post this news/lon. so here's the author, title and date of the news. need to google it.

    Friday, January 31, 2014Last Update: 12:47 PM PT
    Drug-Linked Deaths Support Securities Suit

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    • "In a Feb. 23, 2013, statement about the recall, Affymax revealed that 2 percent of patients who used Omontys suffered life-threatening anaphylaxis, which proved fatal for 1 in 100."

      2% of patients?

      "The rate of overall hypersensitivity reactions reported is approximately 0.2% with approximately a third of these being serious in nature including anaphylaxis requiring prompt medical intervention and in some cases hospitalization."

      0.2% is not 2.0%. 1/3 of .002 is not 100% of those suffering the reactions indicated. Somebody better go back to remedial math class.

    • Good find. This shows the nonsense about "only 3 deaths" which was screamed by the maniac longs for months.

      Where is MaxPad when the truth is shown for all to see? That huckster was screaming the loudest about "only 3 deaths". Shame on MaxPad and those chumps who believed that New York huckster.

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      • The absolute lowest point was when MaxPad kept blaming 'human error'. After he claimed this many times, I finally was astounded to pin him down to his claim. He alleged that it was the nurses who were to blame! And he even went as far as calling their acts 'criminally negligent'. I could never get over that. I could also never have respect for any longs on the board - as they did not offer even one comment to support the nurses. The nurses were the ones that actually saved more people from death-by-O. Rather than praising their heroic actions, Max-Sad and others tried to blame them for the deaths. Very sad all the way around. Thank you.

    • I'm still gonna hold Affy long cause I think they can figure out what caused the reactions.... but this is the type of thing that irks me about the LONGS on the board... they continuously PUMP and conveniently ignore facts...keep spouting the .002% nonsense despite knowing that Omontys has been linked to more deaths than that...I'm sure they will spin this some way...

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      • You are long my a__.

      • First of all with your negativity you should sell your holdings and move on, or else I surely think you are another avatar of Gaycorner!

        It is FDA which provided this information about 3 deaths. Total of 5 out of 25000 population, and 2 are immediately related something other than Omontys.

        There were 116 reactions encountered from mild to major and other than above 3 deaths. All these deaths occured at the same location, that is what more puzzling at ONE FMS site.

        Out of 25000 patients, if it occurred say 1 in Davita and other locations, it would be totally different.

        That is why the suspicion of staff at these locations following non-standard protocols, the specific drug batch being contaminated and other issues coming to play.

        GLTA LONGS!

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