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  • longfellowsss longfellowsss Mar 6, 2014 7:17 AM Flag

    I need your help

    Good morning to all and especially my fellow owners.
    I can't do this alone. I will be ignored and become frustrated until in the end I will give up. I've tried before to rally support from fellow shareholders to come up with a plan of action to defend ourselves and our common interests from the destructive practices of the short side.

    Its time to ask your brokers who's interest they have in mind when they demand the right to lend our shares before allowing us to open a margin account. Please get their answers in writing. Then share their responses and we'll work on developing the next steps to curb this problem. Put the internet to good use.

    The same should be asked of the SEC. Regulators who publicly claim to be all about transparency yet leave us in the dark as to this destructive practice. How can it be there are no laws prohibiting brokers from acting in direct conflict with their client's interests? The value of the securities you own is based on supply and demand. By lending your shares your brokers are increasing supply which directly affects the price in a negative way my friends. It is absurd to require shareholders to take possession of stock certificates in order to prevent those shares from being lent to shorts.

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