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  • ocwatcher2001 ocwatcher2001 Mar 23, 2014 12:23 PM Flag

    No body is talking nothing happens


    I have a feeling that nothing is going to happen until after the shareholder lawsuit is completely dismissed. This is all based on the fact that if Takeda were to do a buy out of AFFY the lawyers would go after that money for the shareholders before the recall. The good news is that most of the lawsuit was thrown out already, but the lawyers are going back to court with the judge in May according to the last report that came public in early February.
    Hopefully the judge will throw out the rest of the lawsuit setting the stage for Takeda to come out with some findings and a new plan for the future of Omontys. So I think no news until past May-June earliest.
    Takeda is sill interested in Omontys if not they would have left long ago and concentrate in something else. They also know that they can't let AFFY to go BK because someone else will come in and make Onontys their own. This is something that the shorts don't seem to understand, but that is their own problem. Me I'm sitting tight and waiting as long as it takes even if it drips lower short-mid term.
    This is all just based on my opinion based on how things are moving everybody else might see things differently.

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