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  • longfellowsss longfellowsss Apr 26, 2014 11:40 AM Flag

    Renewed cries of imminent bk met with heightened short covering

    Short interest dropped 75,000 shares according to the latest shortsqueeze report updated today.
    There's still 4.2 million short .

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    • if you check last week total shares traded it was more then million overall,So this75.000 short cover is nothing if you compared all shares traded.Shorties is still waiting to see .44 which is possible..sorry to say that as a long but this stock very manipulated...

      Sentiment: Hold

    • ez did you miss this one on the latest short interest.
      bb fact is you don't know if anyone knows. I would assume if they do know they just haven't gotten around to you yet or they have and your job for them is to call it junk daily.

    • fact is... no1 knows anything..,only takeda does and they are tight lipped; both longs and shorts constantly pull out small things and try to over-analyze it into a positive or negative....lets just face it, this is just a
      gamble...we are just throwing our money into a pot and hoping and praying we get a 5x-10x return...its not based on an sound investment analysis...

    • Doesn't make sense does it. Actually it does. As they slowly cover they send little bashing peckerwoods here posting every day about how it is most certainly going to zero. And if they believed that themselves they would not be covering at all.

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