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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 Jun 17, 2014 11:01 PM Flag

    Very sad indeed!

    I was away to CA for my son's graduation ceremony and heard this news.

    Takeda did only analysis about Product contamination and Mfg issues, not a real root cause analysis on the performance of the drug or its reactions. I did mention about this issue, few times, Takeda was worried about Mfg and product contamination, apparently once they knew this is not case they walked out.


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    • Jaganoff, please leave this board forever. Nobody is interested in your specific finances. We all know that you were WRONG about everything and you convinced many people to join you in your preposterous investment. Please leave. Thank you.

    • The issue for Takeda was its multibillion $ award against is another drug which might have really made them not to pursue and risk further their reputation and litigation battle.

      With the other lawsuits settled AFFY is free of any lawsuits against it.

      I sold 50% of mine @31 cents on the $ yesterday. I like everyone was prepared for the worst, however the hope was having spent 500-600 MLN $ Takeda will work its way thru. However the Multi-billion $ award against Takeda might have made to rethink and abandon Omontys.

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      • As for as 550 MLN NOLs, it has to be a reverse merger to take advantage of it. It is a very complex issue, and IRS rules are very stringent in this regard. How anyone can utlilize this NOL is unknown, and also who would be more willing to take AFFY and pursue or analyze this drug further.

        Again Roche and AMGN are the only folks here, what incentive they have to take it forward? It is unknown however one needs to wait it out. I sold 50% since my intention buying AFFY was only in Case of Takeda bringing the Drug to the market place. since this is not accomplished I reduced my holdings accordingly.

        It was always a risky venture and I was prepared for the worst case scenario. It did not work out as anticipated, I've needed to move only. My avg cost was 1.07 or so, it is 70% loss for me

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