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  • markofbklyn markofbklyn Aug 31, 2004 5:32 PM Flag

    looks like we hit the bottom

    we stayed above 16.00 and the volume is starting to come down a little which means the stock has just found the bottom. this is my opinion. do your own research. we might get a pop from here

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    • Lets not say goodbye, lets just say -

      put an egg in your shoe and beat it...
      take out your hanky and blow...
      Make like a tree and leave...
      Take a long walk off a short pier...

      You have been dismissed. Thanks for playing our game.

    • I rest my case. Goodbye...

    • Just another clueless opinion from someone with zero insight, no expertise, and nothing but too much free time to post crap.

      The market was up 51 today while mattel continues to drop.

      The worst news about Mattel hasn't even been released yet, but get ready for a very down holiday sales season.

      What a waste of electrons you know-nothings are.

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      • i put my money where my mouth is my research says this stock has hit what looks like to be a bottom. i'm in at 16.00 and long. the volume has picked up, blocks of stocks were crossed over the pass few days, and buying came in. just b/c the stock was down a few cents does not mean anything. the seller who ever it was is done selling. as for holiday sales the company would have warned by now if there was a problem, since no warnings earnings will be good. since you know zero about investing and you prfobably lost a lot of money on enron, worldcom so you are bitter about the entire mkt. facts are the stopck has held it's ground over the past few days and the selling is done. look for this stock to trade higher over the next few days. by the way i'm long stock, options and leaps. i placed my bet. did you place yours? i dare you to answer.

      • I've been interested in this stock since I visited an American Girls store. I've never seen such excitement in a store.

        Mattel has good brands such as Barbi and Hot Wheels. It American Girls brand is just beginning. The first two are in a slump, but eventually they will pull through. Although Mattel is getting a lot of competition in new tech products, these brands are bound to rebound eventually. Unfortunately, this year may not be the year.

        I'm watching and if it goes under 12, with its dividend, you almost have to buy it.

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