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  • e_esoteric e_esoteric Apr 13, 2012 12:46 PM Flag

    1Q Earnings...

    I, for one, don't expect stellar results, possibly disappointing. Therefore I am taking the safe route and sold my MAT holdings for now, going to rebuy after the earnings craze gets over with.

    Any other thoughts? Should I keep my position? Any input is appreciated.

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    • hunger games is rated pg13 for a reason,,,,,,,not exactly 'cult following for 3-7 year old girls like you were thinking.

      and 13 year old girls wouldnt be caught dead with a barbie for fear of being labeled a baby by their peers.

    • Bet you a buck, after Christmas, MAT be closer to $35 then $15. Apple aint the be all end all, and when the growth at at apple slows, few years maybe, that's a stock that might just lose some share value.

    • barbie needs a wifi chip so she can communicate with ipads and get the girls shopping for more barbie stuff,, heck kids could have barbie 'traveling the world' with wifi and gps tracking. basically barbie is boring without apple product connection/adaptation.

      the cool toys for 2012 offered more hands on learning/technology/robotics.

      (fyi-aapl sales are because the schools are now buying ipads for the grade schoolers,,,,,,,,barbie gets left behind),, i think the bigger risk to MAT is discovering $15 a share after christmas, making todays 33 look awfully 'high'.)

    • Those who took a deep breath are whole again, those that covered, hopefully got back in. Those that bought new position, or added to old ones congrats. Was a very unusual sell off, but in the end seems it shook out. Personally still see $35 maybe a tad more around year end, first quarter of 2013. If you have the time and stomach, hold on, weak stomachs, sell around $34. Best bet, hold, collect the dividend, and deploy elsewhere.

    • Don't forget the Hunger Games Barbie coming out with the DVD release. This thing will pop hard much sooner than you think IMO.

    • OK, since the news, stock did OK, gained back $1.05, so 3.39% uptick. Probably be smaller pull backs, higher ups, mid upper $32 range, maybe $33 again an a couple of weeks. First quarter after Christmas quarter, usually the weakest, then tick up until Christmas quarter comes around again. Still feel $35 plus a good bet in a one year target price.

    • Another 32 cent gain, so my easy to attain $1.00 (up $1.10 since the reaction I felt was overblown, and irrational)rebound, so, one who might have bought at the low of $31.01, is now up $1.10 (3.55%), and if held another 2 months an additional 1% dividend payout. Brings a 2 month return to 4.55%, not bad in my eyes. Stick should mellow out share price wise, but can see upper $32's maybe $33 by dividend announcement.

      I myself, missed half the first rise, got in at $31.41, so my return only sitting at 2.23%. If, as I stated we get back $1.50 of the sell off, puts me up 3.82% plus the dividend.

    • Hey folks. Yeah, I think it was a good move to get out before earnings report. These events can really screw with the overall fundamentals/technicals. I've learned to avoid them, even if I think the earnings will beat expectations sometimes the stock reacts just crazy. It's not worth the headache in my opinion.

      Although in this case, as I read the full report I'm beginning to see a problematic pattern with MAT cash flow management. This has been evident in past earnings as well. Inventory turnover remains high, and they are turning to debt for cash for daily operations, which is not really a good sign.

      One maybe good sign I see is that they are aggressive in buying back stock, which should provide a solid support. But without improved cash flow from operations this is only temporary.

      I didn't rebuy today... although I agree that the drop was quite overblown. I will like to see a solid support before I jump back in. Good luck out there traders :)

    • Good job getting out e_e ..

    • Good move...congrats.

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