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  • freeasawolf123 freeasawolf123 May 21, 2012 9:06 PM Flag

    Any one think MAT will go over 35

    Just a question I own this at 34.07 wondering any help appreciated ty all

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    • buy and get burned after a 10% spike....

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      • Ran too quick for me. Sold 2/3 on the 18th at $34.53, made almost 11% in 4 months. Setting proceeds asides for what I hope is a potential pullback to $30 - $31 range. No pull back, still have 1/3 on the table and see what happens.

        Also, no pull back, pick another one of my holdings to add too. Right now I am keeping an eye on GE and INTC. Half an eye on HPQ, that one still scares me.

    • Yes, eventually.
      I'm a buyer at 25-28 though.
      I've been in an out of Mattel since 17.

    • I think it was back in early April in some thread that I felt $35 - #40 was a good bet in 12 - 18 months. Back then it had dropped to $31 ish per share.Since beginning of the year I have picked up shares at $31.93, $32.55 and $33.26. I can stand to wait and collect 4 - 6 dividend checks, since my yield on cost is above 4%, and average share price is around $30. Depending on price action, next 2 - 4 months I will pick up another one ore 2 batches since at current price just hitting my $35 guess, would equate to a 14% share price appreciation, and if it takes 12 months, 4 dividends at around 4% yield, 18% - 20% total return is not out of the question.

      We are coming up to the power time of year, and the economy still isn't nearly fixed, but where else do I want to put my money to get paid to sit and wait except decent companies, with decent yields, with a tendency to boost dividends regularly. Most of my holdings, other than in my Roth account are dividend players, outside of retirement hold KO, DEG (not sure what is going on with that company, but if it starts small upticks may add to that position), GE (GE Capital to pay dividend to parent, so hopefully shareholders get a special one time dividend, or a nice dividend increase, but it's yield is OK in my book), HPQ (dividend plus a hopeful turnaround play), INTC, MAT, OMI, PEP, RF (turnaround from the financial sector crisis, hopefully boost dividend as earnings and balance sheet improves) and RAD, more of a trade play, buy below %1.40, hold and hopefully sell in the $1.80 - $1.75 range, wait for drop, and repeat.

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