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  • porch_monkey_2002 porch_monkey_2002 Oct 12, 2002 6:00 PM Flag

    The future of fuel cells

    Fuel cells won't be here in 10 years, or even 5 years. They are already here, and are here to stay. Every year more and more companies are getting involved with testing and developing fuel cells for internal use and production for commercial sales. Some take the form of disposable canisters while others are developed as PEMs. What many of you are looking for is the large powerplants and automobiles running purely on fuel cells. You are living in a Star Trek world if you are expecting that. The fuel cells you want to invest in are ones which are used in conjunction with existing power sources. Comine fuel cells and windmills, and you can power a local farming community without the need of state electrical connections. Come bind fuel cells and geothermal energy, and you can keep Yellowstone functional and profitable, let alone power an entire country like Iceland. Combine fuel cells and coal powerplants and reduce harmful emmisions by 75% while doubling efficiency through reclamation. If you want a pure fuel cell society, I recommend you register with Greenpeace and ride some poluting outrigger boat in Prince William Sound and get in the way of a large tanker moving at full speed and die like the rest of those maggots.

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    • Fuel cells have been around since 1839, and employed in modern applications since the early 1950s. Of course they are "here to stay", and I expect to see them gradually transform certain aspects of energy use in our industrial society.

      After a decade or two, everyone living in developed countries will likely have first-hand familiarity with fuel cells. I think the "micro-fuel-cell" story emerging lately "a la Redstone" is probably crap; I and most other analysts expect to see localised power generation provide the first real commercial market for PEMs. When can you buy a 1kw H2-only fuel cell? 2010 is a reasonable assumption.

      No matter how it all plays out, you can be quite sure that HPOW will not be around to share in the spoils.

      Fuel cells are not the problem, but rather the hype and outright lies that have been spun about them. HPOW's raison d'etre is rooted firmly in such lies and hype, as clearly evidenced by the embarrassing trail of prevaricating press releases the company has issued over the past decade. As the real promise and limitations of fuel cells have become clearer to the investment community, HPOW's future has rapidly eclipsed.

      There's not a chance in hell that HPOW can find any venture capital or new equity investment next year, and the company knows it. Since at least early 2001, if not even before the IPO, failure has been both assumed and assured.

      The entire excercise has always been based on disseminating the capital raised as rapidly as possible, within a plausible business development context that permits a few years of six-figure salaries for managers willing to play the game.

      The game is just about up.


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      • Lucid:

        You seem to be pretty astute in the fuel cell space. I share your concern & skepticism about FC cost and their need to have pure hydrogen as fuel.

        I've been looking at a German startup called Enginion ( who are developing a near-zero pollution multi-fuel engine. Could be an attractive alternative to fuel cells for many applications. Know anything about these guys?


      • lucid,

        < I think the "micro-fuel-cell" story emerging lately "a la Redstone" is probably crap; >

        How about that...we agree on something.

        <I and most other analysts expect to see>

        You are an analysts? Before the market crash, most posters on the fuel cell boards knew 1000 times more about the fuel cell sector than the analysts knew. Always some bullshit statement out of them. ...and you could tell when their statements don't make any FCEL being into PEMs...or some crap like that.
        Now I one can take your word. You are one of those analysts.