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  • longbpl longbpl Nov 27, 2004 2:16 AM Flag

    The INCX business Model - LONGS READ!!!

    I recommend all longs support their local advertisers!! In return this will generate revenue for INCX.

    Interchange Corporation generates revenue each time an Internet user initiates a search on its Distribution Network and clicks-through on a sponsored listing from its Advertiser Network. Advertisers pay only when an Internet user clicks-through on that advertiser's sponsored listing. If an Internet user clicks-through on a sponsored listing from the Advertiser Network, the Company generates revenue, which is then shared with the applicable Distribution Network partner. The distribution model is designed to concurrently provide sponsored listings from both direct advertisers, as well as advertisers of other paid-search engines to the Company's broad Distribution Network, which increases the opportunity for Interchange Corporation and its partners to generate revenue by increasing the number of Internet searches, as well as the number of advertisers and sponsored listings.

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    • This will be the first complete quarter as INCX will report earnings as a public company. The earnings that INCX will report for the current quarter will be in mid February. I believe earnings will have a big surprise to the upside. The holiday quarter is the strongest quarter for internet companies. As it is apparent from the retail data from yesterday, people are in a spending mood. They are happy to buy gifts and happy to buy stocks. However to benefit from this consumer spending as companies report stellar earnings, one must be in the stocks, way before the actual numbers start to come out. There are extra 2 days this year for retail shopping, therefore the numbers will come out strong. Consumer confidence numbers in December and especially January should show a strong gain as well.

      INCX will report a month after companies like YHOO, GOOG and the rest report. With their earnings expected to be good, INCX should have a big run up into their earnings being reported in February. I believe investors, funds, institutions and hedgefunds will be running over each other to own INCX shares before next earnings especially once they see earnings from the likes of YHOO, GOOG and EBAY.

      Going public equals recognition, especially for companies that are internet based and are small cap and have been under the radar. Look at TZOO and MAMA. Who knew about these companies and their businesses, until their stock's rise started putting them on the maps!

      It doesn't take much to increase revenues and earnings for INCX. We are expecting revenues in the upper $5 Million. Not taking into consideration any new contracts, patents and additional increasing sources of revenue, just the fact that investors have recognized INCX is a strong factor for possibly much better earnings.

      Look at this message board. Look at the dedication of the longs. The longs here are determined to make INCX the next TASR type runner. Some call it a cult stock and some will call it a short squeeze. It doesn't matter how you label it. What matters is that the few shares that are out there are in many strong hands. The market is bullish and for the first time in many years, investors are buying up companies and holding on to them. Just the fact that longs have started conducting their search through INCX is good enough to raise the number of search requests data, number of clicks, therefore further advertiser interest and revenue increase, in my opinion.

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      • Wow. Sounds pretty nice, but how much of what you said can be proven?

        I don't have any respect for pumpers who consistently disguise opinions as facts.

        Doc, why don't you talk about INCX's price to sales ratio versus its peers like FWHT and LOOK?

        And don't compare INCX to YHOO and GOOG, they have something called "critical mass."

        Due to their market position, they are considered "less risky" and since the price of a stock is the discounted cash flow of a company's future earnings, YHOO and GOOG deserve a subtantial premium for their stock due to lower risk premium.

    • INCX has over 28,000 already!!!!!!!! Shorts you don't even want to mess with this one.

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