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  • flankenking flankenking Feb 15, 2013 2:21 PM Flag

    Better than TripAdvisor: The Local Activity Guides on the Flagship-Site of Local Corp

    We pride ourselves in being the most extensive resource for activities and things to do. Below is a list of all the activities we offer. Choose one of the activities to read more information and book your fun.

    Adult Shows
    Air Combat
    Airboat Tours
    Airplan Tours
    Airport Louge
    Aqua Cycles
    Art Tours
    ATV Rentals
    Bike Rental
    Bike Tours
    Biplane Flights
    Bird Watching
    Board Charters
    Boat Rentals
    Brewery Tours
    Brunch Cruises
    Bunges Jumping
    Camel Rides
    Canal Cruises
    Castle Tours
    Cave Tours
    Coffee Cruises
    Comedy Shows
    Cooking Classic
    Cultural Tours
    Dance Lessons
    Dinner Cruises
    Dinner Shows
    Dirt Bikes
    Dolphin Tours
    Duck Tours
    Dune Buggies
    Elephant Rides
    Exotic Car Rising
    Fashion Tours
    Ferry Services
    Flight Simulator
    Flying Lessons
    Food Tasting Tours
    Ghost Tours
    And a lot more

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    • Glider Flights
      Gondola Rides
      GPS Car Tours
      Heli Hiking
      Helicopter Tours
      Heritage & History Tours
      Horse Racing
      Horseback Riding
      Hot Air Baloon Flights
      Ice Climbing
      Indoor Skydiving
      Jet Boat rides
      Jet Skis
      Lift Tickets
      Literary Tour
      Luxury Car Rentals
      Manatee Swim Tours
      Motorcycle Rentals
      Multi Attraction Pass
      Music Tours
      Musicals & Theater
      Nature Cruises
      Nature Tours
      Aff Road ATV Tours
      Off Road Hummer Tours
      Off Road Jeep Tours
      Outdoor Kart Ricing
      Paddle Boarding
      Photography Tours
      Photo Lessons
      Religious Tours
      Rock Climbing
      Running Tours
      Sand Boarding
      Scuba Diving
      Seaplane Tours
      Sarkj Diving
      Shooting Range
      Shopping Tour
      Shows & Concerts
      Sightseeing Cruises
      Sigthseeing Tours
      Skyscraper Tours
      Snorkeling Less
      And a lot more

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      • Snowmobile Rentals
        Snowmobile Tours
        Spa Treatments
        Stock Car Ricing
        Submarine Tours
        Theme Parks
        Transportations by Rail
        TV Movie Celebrity Tours
        Vespa Scooting Tours
        Walkting Tours
        Warbird Flights
        Water Parks
        Water Skiing
        Whlale Watching
        Whitewater Rafting
        Wine Tasting
        Zeppeling Flights
        Zero Gravity Flights

    • Better than TripAdvisor: The Local Activity Guides on the Flagship-Site of Local Corp

      You can browse:

      By Land

      By Water

      By Air

      By Theme

      By State

    • Growth And No Significant Competition? - Matthew Frankel overlooked Travezoo and Local Corp

      Growth And No Significant Competition

      By Matthew Frankel - February 4, 2013| Tickers: ANGI, EXPE, TRIP| 0 Comments

      TripAdvisor Inc. (NASDAQ: TRIP), the self-proclaimed “world’s largest online travel company,” has done well for several years now. Since being spun off from Expedia (NASDAQ: EXPE) in late 2011, shares have climbed from their IPO price of $27.50 to the current level of just over $46, a nice gain of 68% in just over a year. While the company has done a great job of growing its revenue, does the company have more growth in the works? When TripAdvisor reports 2012’s earnings on Wednesday Feb. 13, investors will hear the latest updates on what the next chapter in this growth story may be.


      I was trying to find peers to compare valuations with, and most advertising-based internet companies of similar size and age don’t compare. Most don’t have earnings yet; for example, I looked at Angie’s List (NASDAQ: ANGI) because it is also a site based on user reviews, but they are not forecast to even turn a profit for another few years, putting them in a whole other category of “speculative.” Don’t get me wrong, I like Angie’s List as a concept and as a business model, but they are just not a mature enough business (read: profitable) to warrant a long-term investment recommendation.

    • siteanalytics.compete/local corp = 22,738,205 Monthly Unique Visitors (market-cap = 38 million, revenues in Q4/2012 = 20.9 million)

      siteanalytics.compete/tripdavisor = 13,825,662 Monthly Unique Visitors (market-cap = 6,290 million, revenues in Q3/2012 = 169.4 million)

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