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  • flankenking flankenking Jun 10, 2013 10:15 AM Flag

    Local Corp’s development of Unique Visitors on the flagshipsite (Souce: Siteanalytics)


    Local Corp’s development of Unique Visitors:

    11/2012: 18,745,842 Monthly Unique Visitors

    12/2012: 22,738,206 Monthly Unique Visitors

    01/2013: 26,410,927 Monthly Unique Visitors

    02/2013: 24,017,605 Monthly Unique Visitors

    03/2013: 24,427,755 Monthly Unique Visitors

    04/2013: 23,785,928 Monthly Unique Visitors

    05/2013: 27,804,187 Monthly Unique Visitors

    And there are additional more than 12 million Monthly Unique Visitors from the Network, which are not part of the numbers above) = together about 40 million Monthly Unique Visitors in May.

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    • My advice is simple: Sell all extreme overvalued competitors of Local Corp like Yelp, Angies List, MeetMe, Open Table, Linkedin, Tripadvisor and other and buy for the amount extreme undervalued shares of Local Corp.

      But you should hurry with this change, because the shortsquezze by Local Corp is very near.

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      • y_o_s_e Jun 25, 2013 7:35 PM Flag

        Always near but never here still huh flanky. Question for you, even if by some miracle a short squezze (sic) happened, do you think the stock could even get back to the $6 level it was at when you made this call? Not likely. So if someone invested on your theory of a short squezze (sic), they'd lose even if you wound up being right 3 and a half years later. Great job giving investment advice, moron.

        Good voluem today again
        by flankenking . Feb 3, 2010 10:07 AM . Permalink
        I believe, most comes from naked shortseller, who increased their positions.

        That's the reason, why a shortsquezze is near.

      • I have to agree that the short squeeze is near. I know that Flankenking has been saying the same thing since 2009 but I think he's finally right.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Most important message from CC: Based on just our Network business alone, one was I have to say that is a corporation were undervalued
      "When you take a step back, you can see that our Network business is characterized by multiyear publisher relationships, high value organic traffic, high gross margins and high growth. Based on just our Network business alone, one was I have to say that is a corporation were undervalued. We believe that the value of this business will be realized as we grow earnings per share this year."

      Source: Transcript of Conference Call (Read the complete text direct on Seeking Alpha)

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      • I am sure, that the Institutionals increase their ownership today again.

      • The following posting is a criminal falsifcation of the ID Flankenking through the criminal crime behind The Street Sweeper and it's Gambinos.

      • From 10K of Local Corp: "Our Network, which reaches over 12 million MUVs, is our second largest source of revenue and is our largest gross margin business by percentage and in real dollars. Our product is a nationwide database of local business and product listings along with ad feeds which monetize those listings. We provide our product in the form of a hosted solution or via an XML feed solution. Our hosted solution is designed to generate search engine optimization (“SEO”) traffic to our partners’ sites and this helps those partners to increase their reach to new online users. As with Local.the flagshipsite, we monetize those users with ads placed alongside our content and we share revenue generated from those ads with our partners. Our XML feed solution is provided to sites that prefer to maintain their own look-and-feel and we share revenues in a similar fashion. Our Network consists of over 1,200 partner websites, such as local newspaper, television and radio station websites and we have twelve month auto-renewing contracts with the majority of our partners. Our Network enables us to reach a larger audience than we can reach on our flagship-site alone."

    • Ebitda will be about 2.5 million in Q2/2013 through higher revenues and cost-reductions

      Lower expenses in Q2 - Q4 than in Q1

      "Q1 had a little bit of non-recurring charges, particularly on the sales and marketing line. And so, if you look at our run rate, if you took about $900,000 off of that sales and marketing line for Q1, you’d have a pretty good indicator of where we are now on a run rate basis."

      CFO Kragun in last Conference Call (Read the complete transcript direct by Seeking Alpha) Less

      That will increase the revenues from 21.755 million in Q1/2013 to about 24 million in Q2/2013

      Monthly Unique Visitors will increase after my estimate to about 120 million in Q2/2013 - an increase of more than 10% against the106 million in Q1/2013. The math is very simple, because we know the monthly unique visitors of two from three months of Q2/2013:

      04/2013: 23,785,928 Monthly Unique Visitors

      05/2013: 27,804,187 Monthly Unique Visitors

      If we now take the averarge of this two months in June

      06/2013: 25,800,000 Monthly Unique Vistors (very conserative estimate)

      That are together 77.4 million Monthly Unique Visitors from the Flagship-Site of Local Corp in Q2/2013.

      In Q1/2013 had Local Corp reported about more than 12 million every month - and Local Corp has expanded the network strong in last time and my estimate for Q2/2013 is 13 million from the network ervery month = 39 million from the network in Q2/2013 (very conserative estimate).

      If we now add the 77,4 million from the flagshipsite and the 39 million from the network = 116.4 million Monthly Unique Visitors of Local Corp in Q2/2013 by a very conserative estimate and a reach of near 120 million by a more optimistic view (for example by an estimate of same Monthly Unique Visitors on the flagshipsite in June like in May).

    • That is RANK (BY UVS) 44 - and I am sure, that not any other US.-Company from rank 1 - 100 exist without a market-cap of a quarter billion.

      Post other companies in the ranks between 1 - 100 without a market-cap of a quarter billion.

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