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  • fankenguru fankenguru Apr 7, 2014 2:42 PM Flag

    Large market opportunity for Local Corp

    In online advertising spend
    expected over the next 5 years

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    • “We entered 2014 focused on three avenues to drive long-term shareholder value:
      - growing our core business,

      - leveraging our Krillion® data technology and

      - monetizing our intellectual property.”

    • perfect!! this plan is better

    • Network-Unit of Local Corp (more than 60% of complete revenues of Local Corp) growing faster than Twitter and Yelp

      The integration of Krillion booooooooooooooost all acitivites of Local Corp - most network
      By combining our patented Localization Engine™ and real-time StockCheck™ technology, our solutions empower you to fully engage web-savvy consumers and lead them down the path to purchase.

      Growth of the revenues of the network-division of Local Corp (now 61% of all revenues of Local Corp) beats the growth-rates of the revenues of Twitter and Yelp and had go in Q4/2013 and will fastening in 2014.

      Revenues of the Network-Division of Local Corp:
      Q3-12 5.0 million
      Q4-12: 7.6 million
      Q1-13: 8.3 million
      Q2-13: 11.6 million
      Q3-13: 14.5 million
      Q4-13: 16.1 million

      Growth of 8.5 million from 7.6 million in Q4-12 to 16.1 million in Q4-2013 is a growth of 112%.

    • Growing base of consumers and partners
      • 27 million consumers/month
      • 1,600 network sites

      Positioned to be leader in mobile
      • Mobile traffic up 24% Y/Y
      • Expanding mobile search landscape

      Multiple avenues to value
      • Display/pay-per-click/... ads
      • Leverage Krillion data technology
      • IP monetization

      Improving financial performance
      • 4 consecutive quarters of revenue and
      Adjusted EBIDTA growth
      • Positive cash flow from operating
      activities in 2013

      Our local shopping data is growing daily!

      retail store locations

      Over 4,300
      consumer shopping categories

      Nearly 3 Million
      localized products

      Average HH Income of Visitors = $100,212

      67% of Visitors are College Educated and 75% Own a Home

      Monthly Page Views: Approx. 50 million

      Page Views Visit: 2.5 views average

      Click Through Rate: Up to 8x more than industry standard

      50 million ad impressions served daily

      Additional facts to the market of Local Corp:

      Mobile-influenced in-store sales greater than online: Addressable market is 5x greater than everything sold online today

      Web-influenced retail sales forecast: Over the next three years mobile-influenced stroresales are projected to reach 689 billion.

      Source for the last both facts: Forrester Research

    • Mobile-influenced in-store sales greater than online
      Addressable market is
      5x greater
      than everything sold online today.

      Over the next three years:
      Mobile-influenced store sales are projected to reach $689 billion.

      Source: Forrester Research – Web-influenced retail sales forecast

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