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  • fankenguru fankenguru Aug 7, 2014 10:54 AM Flag

    Local Corp's Mission

    To give consumers the
    most relevant and
    personalized information
    at the right time
    and on the right polatform -
    and continually refine ist
    until it's perfect.

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    • Where Local Corp is going

      Richer consumerexperience, expanding channels & innovative technology to fuel growth
      (Source: Coprerate Overvieim Q2-2014 of Local Corp (filed yesterday as 8-K to the SEC))

      INNOVATION (Future)
      Innovative technology
      - Deliver a relevant personalized consumer expericence
      - Quality experience acrosw screens
      - Focus on innovation
      - Rapid iterartion

      FOCUS (2013 - 2014)
      Privot to enterprise
      - Shift in focus from SMB to Enterprise
      - Focus on mobile experiences

      FOUNDATION (2004 - 2012)
      Deep roots in local search
      - Focus on local search
      - First search site live in 2004

    • Smartphones make local search relevant - and the big winner is Local Corp

      - 35% CAGR US Mobile Ad Spending from 2013 - 2018 (Source: via eMarketer)

      - 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local in formations (Source: Google)

      - Over 1/2 of all local searches end with a purchase (Source; comscore)

      - Money is flowing in location based mobile marketing (and social and mobile are key)
      (Source: Buisiness Insider)

    • We believe that our local search results delivered to our flagship-website and app and our Network partners, as well as to third party partners through our Krillion platform, provide a lot of benefits to consumers using our services, our Network publishing partners, and advertisers (whether our own or our partners):

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      • • Targeted Advertising. We believe that search-based advertising delivers a more relevant list of businesses, products and services for our users because advertisers generally only pay for keywords, categories and regions that are related to the products and services they offer. By providing access to our users via performance, display and subscription ad units, businesses can target consumers at the exact time a consumer has demonstrated an interest in what that business has to offer. As a result of our core demographic, we believe that local and commercial searches performed on our flagship-site tend to convert into buying customers at a higher rate than many other types of search traffic. We believe that our users’ propensity to buy correlates with the value of our traffic, and explains, in part, why our monetizes its search traffic at higher levels than other types of search traffic.

        • Access to a Desirable Demographic of Decision-Makers. Our patented and proprietary technology allows us to consolidate an amalgamated and disparate set of local business and product listings, information and other data and combine it into a targeted, highly relevant results-set, which is presented in a useful and compelling manner.

        • Access to a Large Number of Local Business and Product Listings and Local Content . With over 12 million local businesses indexed and approximately 3 million localized products using our proprietary technology, we offer users of our websites and Network partner websites and our third party partners with a resource for local businesses and products in their area, including various photographs, user ratings and reviews, video, product information, inventory information, coupons and hours of operations, among other things. We believe that our ability to aggregate this content and deliver relevant, targeted results in response to user search queries ensures our users and those accessing our partner websites with a good experience when us

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