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  • sirihead sirihead Nov 23, 2009 2:04 PM Flag

    Someone knows something and it's not good

    One last thought. This simply looks like a dilution play, but you still need buyers for that or do you?

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    • I am amazed as you are that there are so many buyers! Even though I seriously question this company and why they don't interject with something that at least we can think about, the fact there are buyers is really interesting. I have not become a seller because of that, and will probably regret it. However, I could become a significant buyer if CHFI would simply step up and provide some positive info - that they still have the stock they acquired, that they have additional stock in companies that they have financed, and generally that they have the assets that we all think they have! A good story would be even better and the ability for us to buy into a good story at a better price!

      • 1 Reply to davelocey
        I bt CHFI at $.60 as a pure speculation and sold last week at $.36
        Everything I read on this board tells me that this is a classic pump and dump and have seen nothing tangible to support that CHFI has the purported value hyped on this board..
        Just my opinion..GLTA
        Will consider being a buyer again @ $.02
        The only Chinese stock I own currently is NEP which I feel can support with facts/financials, its purported value...
        Again JMO..