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  • monsieurjean2000 monsieurjean2000 Nov 23, 2009 10:48 PM Flag

    Someone knows something and it's not good

    there's a definite positive divergence between price and accumulation and distribution. Iow, while the pps is going down the acc/distrib line is going up or staying the same. Meaning someone is accumulating the hell out of this stock otherwise the acc/dis line would be diving just like the pps.
    yeah, something is up alright: someone's getting cheap cheap shares at the expense of weak holders. Otherwise this thing would have taken a dive long time ago. Instead we see someone coming late in the session, almost everyday this past 3 wks, picking cheap shares and sending the price up at the close. People in the know are expecting good news. Most of us though are in the dark and desperately selling shares dirt cheap.
    Hold on everybody and don't forget that Annie bought 300,000 shares last October? @ $4.96. Methink she'd want her money back and then some!!!

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