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  • smoke_pot_not_iraq smoke_pot_not_iraq Jun 27, 2005 1:16 PM Flag

    About hype ....

    Dudes, you gotta be very careful and not buy into hype. I realize there are new people to this stock, just as I was 2 trading days ago, but you gotta be careful not to buy into hype especially when there is little volume (relatively speaking). This is a great company and you will be rewarded either way, but the next company you buy into may be worth poop. I seriously wanna see all you fine people make lots of moola so that when you come to central park we can party together. The copz are pretty kewl in NYC, they seem to think the pot smoke is just a pretzel stand. I love the world's investment community, and god bless democracy !!! Pot.

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    • I don't believe there is much hype going on here. If anything this stock is moving without much notice whatsoever and without any hype at all. IMO once the institutions take notice is when this baby will really fly. I'm looking at 1 or 2 years down the road to be handsomely rewarded.....even though I'm doing pretty well right now with a cost basis at $5.75.

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      • I hope for the sake of a good ounce of Harlem's best hydro that you are correct ! In that case I can't wait for the hype to kick in !!! I love you all, this company is where you want a large portion of your portfolio if you want to retire by 37 like I did. My new Dyna Wide Glide is on order effective today thanks to the brilliance of Mr Mayonaise and crew. Geeeez, .... just thinking of this going up further on hype, like an upgrade, or Cramer pump, I like it !!! I am personally going to share my best bud with all you potsmokers here on the AIX board if you come to Central Park. Love, Pot.