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  • swerd96 swerd96 Aug 12, 2005 8:35 AM Flag

    Found this...which concerns me

    <<I would hope that on today�s conference call not only would we get an update on the previously stated goals to finalize plans with the studios & exhibitors, but also the significance of this latest news is discussed>>

    Unfortunately, no one asked the latter question. Imo, this article is relevent to AIX's future. I just haven't figure out yet how it is relevent. Call it paranoia. My greatest concern is now that Cinemark is one of the three shareholders of National Cinemedia, that Regal Entertainment, the major shareholder of National Cinemedia, will pressure Cinemark to do as they do...which means if Regal didn't plan to use AIX, then they will tell Cinemark what to do. In case no one noticed, this pre-show deal is upgradeable to Digital Cinema showings. Christie's projectors are upgradeable, and as a good vendoe (tail wagging the dog concept) I'm sure they would take them back as trade-ins if Cinemark or National Cinemedia wanted to upgrade to a more powerful projector. As crazy as this sounds, I think the Fair Trade Commission should investigate where this Nation Cinemedia joint venture is going. The JV now controls over 12,000 screens possibly more (out of 36,000 screens in the US) and I would not be surprised if this oligopoly begins to act in a collusive manner. Not sure if AIX is outside looking in, or if they will become part of National Cinemedia joint venture. The latter would surely be better, but I would expect AIX would need to yield on price, in exchange for huge "screen" volume.

    The above article is about 3 years old, but it offers valuable insight into Regal Entertainments (& National Cinemedia) vision for digital cinema.

    I will be away for the next 3 days. Tell AIX not to issue any PR until I get back. LOL.