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  • MGMTravel MGMTravel Dec 30, 1999 11:13 AM Flag


    I just made a small investment in this bank based
    upon its touting by David Harvey of Everest Managers
    Hedge Fund,a very successful bank micro-cap hedge fund,
    as reported on in this Tuesday's edition of the
    American Banker. The article has a quote from Cowlitz CEO
    Benjamin Namatinia stating that shareholders like Harvey
    "keep us straight" and that "Small-bank executives
    typically don't have to answer questions from
    shareholders." It seemed to me that since a former banker and
    professional investor is recommemnding the stock and is
    watching over the shoulder of management, and that the
    $5.25 price I received is well below book value, CWLZ
    seemed like a decent investment with upside potential in
    a few years. Any thoughts out there as to whether
    the vaunted "January Effect" will help bank stocks
    and Cowlitz in particular? What are people's thoughts
    on the post-merger growth of earnings?