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  • ntack5 ntack5 Mar 24, 2008 5:41 PM Flag

    Dear Gayfarter & Bozo the clown

    Well, I'm officially in the black today. I'm not one to rub it in, but this time, I have earned the right to make an exception....

    All I can say is, ":BAHWAHAHAHAHAH ...YOU LOSERS!!!!...."

    Gayfarter said, "you know nothing about investing..." What a f%cking idiot you are!

    Bozo, you're even a bigger loser. Please dig a hole in the ground and look at your azz in the mirror. Carefully study the difference. There IS a distinct difference between your azz and a hole in the ground, although you are TOO stupid to see it.

    Bottom line is that I made money on LTM and you sat in denial. Welcome to the stupid F$CK club. You can be president someday. I'll vote for you - president and first f@ggot.


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    • Well said!! Akradi and his team read all of the press clippings and analysts saying how great they were... Their egos got so inflated! Now these same analysts are riding their asses...!!! LTM has lost touch with what made them successful! The biggest problem is Akradi's giant ego!!! A complete egomaniac!!!

    • It has got to be getting as packed under BAs desk as it is at one of the LTF many on this board wanna play slap ass with him and even more are terrified of him (or worse yet, both)
      With 1/3 off the enrollment fee and 7 day guest passes the norm for clubs across the club and available online, (great move by the National Sales Director to make the marketing traffic look better than it actually is by handing out passes to anyone/everyone), the clubs that are "thinning out" sure do have a lot of ways to continue to fill up the clubs through the back door. I would love to be a paying member and watch hundreds of 7 day passes walk through the doors each day while I wait in line to swipe my card....sure would make me feel good for paying my monthly membership dues each and every month.
      And the talk about slowing membership is great, but it's just that, talk. The Membership Advisors' monthly quotas are still the same as they have been historically for each given month and clubs that are overcrowded are still driving/focusing on the same monthly goals as they have had since their clubs opened...then add on top of that the 7 day guest passes and you are looking at an increase in usage and ultiamtely a decrease in member satisfaction compared to where they were just a year or two ago.
      The "Member Experience," the "Member Experience," thats all you will hear from the GMs, Area Directors, and Executives when they are talking with their staff or even with members themselves, but LTM is in a spot where they now have to produce for the street (and, um, they're not) and by cutting staff, trimmimg budgets and controllable expenses all over the place they have burried themselves in to a service cycle hole they cant crawl out from under.
      When you have analysts run businesses they are unfamiliar with this stuff happens and right now LTM is feeling the brunt of being run by analysts at the top and that drill their perspectives all the way down to the club and even department managers.
      BA has lost control of the company (and himself a few years back) and his analyst are analyzing this company in to the ground.
      At some point they need to go back to truly delivering on the member experience to get the service chain/effect back in motion...or continue on down the slippery slope they have found themselves on
      I doubt they will or even can but as I mentioned previously I am happy I hopped out of the LTM parade last year. I thought it might be tough for them to hit 50 again just a short while ago but right now 40 looks a long ways away for them.
      Maybe if BA throws more money back at some shares more of the LTM cheerleaders will fall for the false confidence and jump back in - should be fun to watch while waiting for my next discount flyer in the mail

    • isnt it interesting how the longs IGNORE the market when it suits them, and only point to the market when it (in the past) put more money in their pocket!!!!

      Mr. Market is always right, and he says...this company is damaged goods.
      And this chart shows that its NOT THE OVERALL MARKET.
      Its the company.

    • This douchebag is all pumped up on LTM hitting $32.60
      Takes a real man to talk smack on a stock that is now worth half of what it was just 10 months ago
      Hope you take your $200, before taxes and go join LTM....I'm sure they have a great special on the enrollment fee - they have all year. All health clubs that have hit the wall drop their pants and discount the enrollment fee.
      BA and the good ol' boys aint outta the woods (or should I say desert..??) yet. They have a olong way to go to ever find their way back above 50
      Talk to you next week NTACK...after LTM hits $32.65 and you have made another $1.50 on this garbage stock

    • wow..... a short term capital gain for $10... if you took the gain your a loser, cause the tax rate is higher than ordinary income and if you didnt take the gain yet... you got nothing but farts in your hand.

    • So you made $10 off your ten shares? I can make $100 picking the lint out of my ass.

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