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  • oopakcuh oopakcuh Jan 30, 2007 8:55 AM Flag

    ESCL's 2003 to 2007 Non-Reliance on Previous Financials, Audits or Interim Review

    i've been waiting for earnings since Sep 13th.

    They tease earnings,.

    They just don't report.

    This company can't survive.

    They have made dozens of Keystone Cops type moves that make the SEC investigation and the dozens of class action suits likely to cost them millions.

    Eventually, the Spanish authorities will take control and liquidate.

    Now we know...

    the only money they made ...they didn't really make... and they don't let is know how much they're losing.

    I'm still short.

    When the company was delisted I had a price of $3 to cover.

    Amazingly, it hasn't gotten there yet.

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    • I completely understand why you were short ESCL at one point, but being short now makes no sense unless you are a thrill seeker with a financial death wish. ESCL has its issues to overcome no doubt, but it is nowhere near the train wreck many unscrupulous posters have claimed it is.

      There is much better risk/reward short plays out there, this one has already produced a lot of fruit. In spite of the famous quote; "greed is good" you may wish to take another quote into account...."...pigs gets slaughtered."

      If you keep pushing it trying to squeeze that last drop out of something, then you would deserve to lose it all back on a quick run up. Only a fool would ignore the facts that many people are still infatuated with this company, it has a small float, and there are still many short shares to be covered.

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      • Sorry, I don't see it that way.

        In fact I can't for the life of me see any way the company can survive.


        Of course. Still, there hasn't been a SINGLE real piece of good news since the raid in Madrid to change my mind.

        And I've endured plenty of runups since then.

        Nevertheless, the stock is sitting near its low.

        Worst of all, the company is made up of FILTHY LIARS.

        And they still haven't reported the last 3 qtrs.
        Now that they are on the pinks, they probably never will.

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