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  • Joyful_15143 Joyful_15143 Dec 18, 2002 8:10 AM Flag

    Updated year end forecast

    Current forecasts (raw, unweighted for time factor under review)

    mr. george $6.57
    mr. zeeker $7.27
    Dr. PP $7.89
    mr. grayhead $8.13
    Mr. CP $8.25
    Joyful $8.60
    mr. c. $8.75
    Dr. Airy $9.01
    mr. kureisama $10.00
    mr. auer $10.25

    mr. I-dot, you requested $8.162, but under the new rules you must be $0.10 from other contestants with pre-established quotes. mr. grayhead has a long standing forecast at $8.13. Please review the list above and resubmit your forecast. (Note that the $8.03 to $8.35 zone is now fully taken.)

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    • auer13 Dec 19, 2002 7:55 PM Flag

      Maybe I should of asked what everyone wants for Christmas.

      Butt, nooooo I asked Joyful what are the year end contest numbers.

      Hey no big deal it's all in fun, this contest. I'm going win anyway $10.25. Holy cow $10.25 does seem kinda far away though.


    • You're warned, mr. g,<<

      Having had second thoughs,I suspect I may catch the wrath of Shadrack. I surely would not want him to bloody up his spats, while making tracks across my backside. Just may have to hire some Rhode Island Red cock fighters, for protection.

    • CP> Lighten up Mr. Airy

      Well I'm sorry if I pissed you off I-dot, its just that I enjoy the weekly contest and suspect that if Joyful gets tired of it, no one will pick up the slack.

      Technical analysis which is looking at charts of stocks to determine which stock to buy has been mentioned repeatedly on this board. Personnally I look more for fundamental analysis which include P.E., cash flow, industry trends and up coming products, yet like to look at the charts to spot trends and time entry and exits. I found a good simple description of basic technical analysis and how to use it in today's "the street" column for those interested.

      Go Cray!!!

    • see you on the other side.

    • You're warned, mr. g,

      good luck in Godebo. They are actually quite friendly.


    • cray held up great yesterday after nice runup.investor business daily has high ratings for this stock.looks like it should cotinue higher

    • thank you for the empathy. I'm glad Shadrach is minding the grammar and spelling on the board. It does get sloppy from time to time.


    • I meant "Mr." J, not "My J.

      No offense, Mr. J.


    • Mr. i dot,

      I bleeve this may be the firstest time we have spoke.

      Welcome to this here board.

      But, yew don't git to have it both ways. either yer ignernt or you ain't.

      You swan along pertending to be a dummy, and then cross yerself up with proper language.

      Now, which shall it be? Ignorant, or educated?

      I got a question. You allowed as how you are the best perdicter on this here board, or sumpin' along them lines. If'n you win, you gonna come down here to Godebo and dance the night away?

      You better, prognosticator. The Widder Mildew din't talk to her group fer nuthin'.

      BTW, "mid stream" is one werd. "Midstream." I know that 'cuz ole Shadrach is sittin' on my shoulder, digging his spurs in me an' nodding over to the goldaing dictionary.

      Well, I got to git.

      Oh, you got some coveralls? Down here, thass perty much whut we wear.



    • Sir,

      I am getting confused, which "individual family members" did I attack?

      I simply stated that changing the rules mid stream seemed unfair to me.

      I do agree that "a sense of humor goes along way", but we're talking about Cheesehead honors here! (For God sakes Man, understand the magnitude of this situation!)

      I will win, I always do !!!!

      Respectfully submitted,

      "The I-Dot"

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