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  • bobbobwhite bobbobwhite Mar 10, 2004 10:42 AM Flag

    Is there a poorer performing

    stock relative to 4th qtr strong earnings/revs than CRAY? It looks like something else must be working here, as it seems it should be doing better from the financials. What's up that is not what it appears to be?

    New to board so thanks for any info.

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    • Start with NO SALES and go from there...

    • I agree! WAZZUP????...I bought this at $7.19 based on everything I read - the stock screener on Yahoo! Finance revealed it and I researched it some more from there. Nothing pointed to this. I don't get it!!!!!...What is causing the downward pressure??????...Even the analysts' recommendation is 2.1 on it - and, the anticipated stock price on the Yahoo! chart for one year from now, says $10.40!!!... ???????

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      • The mini-bubble has burst!!

        this is alot bigger than the performance of CRAY et al. this has to do with what i believe is a SHORTING "CONGLOMERATE". the markets in the past year or so have come back up quite a bit. the NAZ broke 2k again, and the DOW broke 10k, actually about 10,400 plus. i really do believe the forces at work are so big, us little guys/gals are always at their mercy. and now we see for the past 3 days huge daily losses in the markets. coincidence ?? or has the SHORTING MACHINE activiated to sweep away all those gains, and put them into their pockets. as they SHORT enmasse, folks panic and sell hoping to save what they can. exactly what the SHORTS want. to keep the pps's going down down down on the whole. yes, there are small shorts, folks like us who short a stock now and then. but, i truly believe the SHORT CONGLOMERATE is so huge that when they agree to bust the bubble, it just doesnt matter if CRAY et al is doing good. it just doesnt matter. the only hope is when they feel they have done enough damage, they will stop the ravage, and then start buying (they have the money and the power to profit going up, and going down. its a win win situtaion for them). but when they move back in as buyers then we can see CRAY et al move back up to truer values. i have no proof, no evidence, other than watching things happen. the funny thing is, shorting is legal. this is all in my humble opinion.

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