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  • dvd1007 dvd1007 Jan 2, 1998 10:40 AM Flag

    Re: Who cares? Most Americans say I DO

    Grand Elf has his reasons for saying what he says. At this time, I am a hold, not buy or sell.
    I think that we (holders) are too emotionallly involved in this stock......and tend to be objectively blind. The double release was set up that way. They have had the system in S.D. for at least 3 weeks. No announcements upon delivery was that way because they weren't finished with current 9.5 million placement. It is the way public stocks work, so as not to screw up the stock price.
    So let's not jump on someone for being objective.... For the record, I hold a lot of tera average price 10 3/8.. Last purchace 16+. I have taken no profits as of yet. And I notice that 17 is our resistance point. Lots of people selling at that price. While I day trade on a number of stocks, this hasn't been one of them. My posts speak for my intrests. I am in love with Tera, and, well that's that... good or bad.

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