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  • ems_wonder ems_wonder Jul 12, 2005 1:02 AM Flag

    The Problem with Thomas Friedman


    Thomas Friedman is a man who talks boldy, but says nothing. He is the Suzy Orman of the geopolitical world. He provides simplistic, bite sized morsels of 'widsom' which are really nothing but a string of words which can easily fit down the 'pipe'.
    Thom's new book "The World is Flat" is a condescending, 1 dimensional view of Americas's present and future competitive woe's. In it he blithely assumes 'civilized nations' can compete with the debasing,dictatorial, primitive socities of India, China and the rest of the second and third worlds. No, they can't Thomas.
    Because every law and right has a price. And the (Laws+rights) of the USA will always be greater than the (Laws+Rights) of the Semen rich nations of China and India. Thomas assumes education will set the American public free, but he is blind to the rampant importation of cheap foreign programmers, engineers and scientists in the USA.
    Hey Thomas! I can give you the phone numbers of a dozen unemployed highly educated US citizens of the above! They are being phucked over by the Chinese, Indian, Korean racist, non-constitution believing ilk which are taking over US corporations technology divisions. They AGGRESIVELY push for more and more of their pod people to come into this country (with the help of their globalist-corporate backers).

    As the number of these supposed 'immigrants' and visa holders increase, the power of American technological superiority declines. They are here only to steal jobs and sell our technology on their countries black markets.
    THEY ARE RACISTS! YES, We're talking Mississipi burning KKK crud with simple, sincere smiles and spectacled appearances. You should have seen the Chinese cheer after 9/11 at my company!


    So what are the solutions?

    1. Sanctions against nations which don't maintain basic worker and individual rights.

    2. Aggressive military action against both India and China if they don't play ball. Yes I'm talking massive strikes.

    3. Isolating the US from the foriegn filth of Chinese and Indian technology stealing, racist scumbags that WE THINK BELIEVE IN THE BILL OF RIGHTS, who come in here on temporary visa's.

    If the above is not carried out now, the only way we can compete is to ramp up the population rapidly and eliminate our quality of life.

    This should be a do or die, take no prisoners policy!

    This topic is deleted.
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