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  • huffachip99 huffachip99 Jul 27, 2005 7:36 AM Flag

    Civics 202 - Clarification from Tax Law

    >>"IA"? <<

    Make that ID.. sloppy mistake. Of course, you never make them, do you? Let's see what you wrote below to check this:

    Yeb: "I don't care how many other resident's he has (even ones in Iowa), you fucking imbecile."

    Resident's? So now you're talking possessive, when it should have been residences?

    Yeb said: "Your next-door neighbor, the Puerto Rican has every bit (acutally maybe more because he can acutally read)"

    ACTUALLY isn't spelled "acutally". Now we know this isn't a typo, because you did it twice in the same sentence. So basically, you appear to be the dumb fuck, yebster.

    You shouldn't go around accusing your betters of your own illiteracy.

    >>Tell us again how Hawaiians weren't Americans during WWII? Fucking idiot. <<

    Why don't you find where I said that, illiterate fool? Until then, shut your pie hole, dunce.


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