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    • Yes, I believe it is possible, though not very successfully. Anyone who steals technology from another will be found out eventually and he or they will have to pay for it. Key employees
      going elsewhere? Possibly, yes. But all of these misgivings are improbable at the present/forseeable time. At any rate, I would imagine TERA's management has all of this in mind, so safeguards and other precautions are already at work. No cause for more worry now.

      As to the remaining paragraphs, I agree wholeheartedly. Let me think about the 6% - 7% rate of return investors are no longer interested in? Why? Probably because of the fast rate with which changes of all types occur around us brought about by technology: computers, internet, telecommunications, satellites, HDTV, DVD, and by TERA, of course. Even at double those rates at, say, 15%, you wouldn't to sell your TERA stock, would you?

      In fact, even at 4,130% annual rate of return, someone I know does not want to part yet with his TERA stocks. He bought his 1651 shares last Oct 27 when the stock dipped to $12.38. It's now $16.50. You know why? Because it is possible to earn much
      more on a stock like TERA. Today, he already has a paper profit of $33,279 [for just one month!] before taxes. Why settle for 6% when you could earn 4000%? And you know what? Assume the price goes higher to $20/share by end of year, Dec 31, 1997. He would still be earning paper profit [before tax] of $61,551 at an annual return rate of 1,378%. This, on an original investment of $100,000.

      I hope I did not make a mistake in these calculations. Correct me
      if I am wrong, please.

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