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  • lucky2505 lucky2505 Jun 14, 2013 3:12 AM Flag

    The future is now!

    I don't think most investors yet understand that Cray is at the right place at the right time. If one were to look at a graph of the gathering of information since the beginning of man, he would see that it has occurred in a linear fashion; but that line is about to turn sharply upward and explode higher. Cray's pr from yesterday speaks to that. Here is a line from the pr that illustrates my point:

    "The convergence of data-intensive HPC and high-end commercial analytics is forming a new Big Data market IDC calls High Performance Data Analysis"

    Most computers to this point, even supercomputers, have been used for storage and reporting. Cray is in on the ground floor of a market that is going to change the world. With High Performance Data Analysis, man's knowledge is going to grow exponentially. I believe strongly that the peaks and valleys of the company's business are going to be replaced by the problem of keeping up with demand. I'll give an example from whence that demand will come. An ongoing objective within the automobile industry is to shorten the time between drawing board and product on the showroom floor. High Performance Data Analysis will do more to accomplish that than everything the automakers have done in the past combined. If one automaker buys a supercomputer, every other automaker will need one to stay competitive. Every major science lab will need one. Every federal agency will need one. Every Fortune 100 company will need one. Sooner or later, every Fortune 500 company will need one. Etc, etc, etc. The world is on the cusp of a sea change such as has never been seen, and Cray is in position to take advantage of it.

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