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  • dvd1007 dvd1007 Sep 26, 1997 9:47 AM Flag


    Any body know when tera will get that baby fired up down at UCSD??

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    • believe it is to be in September

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      • What year is that? May be 2000? But again that
        year mellenium bug will screw up the computers and
        everybody will have to wait for another 100 years.
        Upgrading MTA-2 to MTA-4 is just buying more time before
        its death. What are they going to compare MTA-4 with?
        Another T-90 with 4-processors? The benchmark needs to be
        faked to look good. Any explaination Chief? Any most
        pessimestic schedules? Please post it if you have a clue.
        Tera's MTA-4 was to be assembled in Dec. 95 & then
        MTA-16 in June '96, and MTA-64 in Jan. 97. Tera is dead
        guys!!! They have already started looking for another 10
        million but who is the next dumbo??

    • According to its site, TERA is hiring:

      Index of Open Positions (Updated October 27, 1997)

      Electromechanical Technician
      Shipping/Receiving Coordinator
      Runtime Systems Programmer
      Operating Systems Programmer/Kernel Develop
      Software Tester
      System Simulation Engineer
      Accountant/Full Charge Bookkeeper
      Software Developer - Libraries
      Chip Designer/Logic Designer
      I/O File Systems Developer
      Software Developer

      Thought it was interesting...

    • they are working like mad to get it down by end of OCT....

      heres hoping they make it


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      • thanx for the previous info gg, do you work there? Anyhow, I'm not trying to be a nagging house wife, but it tis the end of oct. and I haven't heard boo from the company. no news isn't exactly good news. It would be nice if the co. could at least keep
        us posted as getting things in opertation seems pivotal for the co. as well as the stock to run to the front, or just slip back to the $4-$6 range. was a good run to $18, however if things don't get rolling, I fear we will not be able to maintainour $10-$12 plateu,let alone soar to a projected $30. any body with some concrete info they'd like to share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, dvd

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