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  • Beaumont25 Beaumont25 Feb 7, 1998 4:16 PM Flag


    Where do you come up with CEO of TERA. I do not want to be CEO of TERA. I am talking "millions" not "thousands" like your
    under-achieving self. "The more it turns on me" Who the hell are you? I am not looking to be your friend. Why don't you go take your dog for
    a walk, make yourself a T.V. dinner, and do some more meaning-less things like post all the option prices on TERA, "little
    one". You could not even shine my shoes let alone anything else "thousands" boy. "Rehabilitation" you are clueless. You probably
    have 15 shares of TERA and you are saving your pennies for more. If anything you should ask me for advice, I'll help you get out
    of your misery.

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    • Wow, things are really quiet over here. Its kinda sad about this stock when
      the most interesting thing on this board are discussion of rice and some twisted love affair between beaumont25 and bowlover. I love guys who fantasize about how much money they have made. It probably impresses the 7-11clerk who is forced to sit and listen to him becaue he must guard the

      Go something, anything

      I love men with big.....minds. Cerebral + male = sexy!!!

    • <<The technology has already been developed and it works, so stop questioning it. i will do as you say....i am programmed to believe waht you say is true>>

      Oh it has??? and it does?
      Dont question anything you find yourself up late at night callign the psychic hotline.....its on TV its go to be true, right

      <<You do not have a $130mm mkt. cap on the nasdaq NMS w/ options being traded if you are not the real deal. >>

      who said they werent real?
      there are thousands of companies the with same stats that are dogs and there real too.

      <Salomon Bros. does not issue a 26-page detailed report on just any company with a good idea. There are much smarter, large, private investors that know a hell of a lot more than you guys that have owned the stock for yrs. >>

      salomon is more respected than HJ thats for sure....funny though how salamon issued a strong buy with a 26 page report on Waste Management this summer when the price was over 34..........and insiders were saying they were going to buy back there stock...trying to cause more buying.......where are they today...well WMD got into hot water for accounting mismanagement and the stock got clobbered down to much for those smarter

      <<If they did not sell @ 18 when they were up more than 400% on a few million $ of stock they must be more informed than you. >>

      oh really you ahve information we are not privy to regarding who sold what when and where??

      <<Obviously there are people out there smarter than you fools when it comes to supercomputers and they work for TERA computer. >>

      who on this board ever claimed they knew more about supercomputers then tera??

      <If you nerds know so much about supercomputers why don't you all get together and start your own company. >

      i for one am not in that industry so it would not be prudent for me to start a for the others.....well maybe they relized what a battered industry the supercomputer arena is .....seen countless companies go bankrupt.... and have different objectives and goals

      <I'll tell you why because you don't have the balls! >

      such scathing and biting retorts........very clever.....are you going to triple dog dare them next!!!! dammit thats starting my super computer company........i will start interviewing investors to raise capital next week.

      <<You play make believe on the internet to amuse yourselves. >>im surprised you know how to log onto the internet

    • <<It has been about a week since I last read these "boards". It is still the same old nerds posting their stupid technical messages. You guys have nothing better to do, don't you work during the week. >>
      guess you ahve nothing better to do with yourself on a friday least see...11:45 PM????.....reading TERA posts... nice life

      <The guy who posted a message a few back makes some good
      points. You guys have absolutely no influence on the stock. Thank god. >>

      who ever thought these posts could impact the stock price!?!? darn i dont have that power...but wait, god gave me the power to curse your personal portfolio.....ooooba woooba

      <You have one guy who has the time to type each option quote for each day, get a life. >

      its called cut and paste not much trouble, really....but thanks for you concern....

      <Than the rest of you clowns who are trying to short the stock. Guys relax your 35 shares short is not going to do anything to the stock, PIKERS! >>

      wow, you mean someone on this board is taking all the time to write technical question on tera to get an upper hand on a 455 dollar investment? you got to give him credit for being so determined

      i dont know hwere you get your short interest figures......out of hte air proablaby like the rest of yrou "facts".....IBD ahd short interest at over 135,000 jan 15 before listing on NAZ

      <<Everybody is waiting for short term news, if Preston farts you guys have something to say about it. >>

      yes...gee pb, if your that sick ...go to the hospital : )

      <<Talk about the stock and stop writing about the technical crap. >>

      so talk about have offered anything yet

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