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  • Ozztown Ozztown Oct 29, 1998 2:51 PM Flag


    when the shorts start squaking, you know things
    are looking up. Shorts are obviously worried. Never
    cover? Your ass is sucking buttermilk.

    Any ideas
    on the customer identities for the sales that are
    alluded to in the press release (as the deliveries in



    poppo is a coming

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    • Your quesses seem to make sense. Boeing; I would
      have quessed Ford; I know what FEMA is and can
      understand the logic; excuse my ignorance, but what is NOAH,
      an Ark Maker or another Goviment entity?

      you explain the significance of the Unisys

      What would the Mel Gibson character in "Conspiracy
      Theory" think of the recent rash of negative Tera
      comments under a variety of new, yet ever changing names
      to this site?

      only--emmes, please explain why
      you came out of nowhere as a cheer leader and moved
      so negative (not that the news is good)in such a
      short turnaround time. You can't make fast bucks
      here.That only happened once in August 1997.

      and Brotherly Love from Philly..and very close to the
      Unisys HQ.

      • 2 Replies to newbenco
      • The info i have regarding a sale is that it will
        be coming from somewhere in europe and may not be
        auto related (unless you consider oil drilling auto

        As far as negative I just am quite unimpressed with
        the lack of Foresite of Management to have gone out
        on a limb with GA's and then switching to CMOS. Dont
        get me wrong I am not a computer scientist but I am
        please they went with something with better
        predictability (as well as the Foundry selection), but did they
        have to take so long to admit they were wrong? It
        probably burned over a million dollars

        I still am long but If it were not for the
        predicted Small cap boom I would not be sticking around. If
        you want to look at a winner look into GNSSF it just
        is starting to run. And the product line (Flat Panel
        Displays as well as many other too numerous to mention)is

        Anyway the sun's starting to set so I gotta


      • Noah, oops fingerfart. NOAA

    • that this is the first press release in some time
      NOT to contain that little tag-line that problems,
      etc. "are not expected to impact sales in the 4th

      Finally admission that there aint gonna be no sales in
      fy98. I'd be surprised to see delivery of mta4 to sdsc
      by dec 15th.

      On another note...all you shorts
      who are expecting tax loss selling? I don't think
      there is going to be much of it. Individuals do their
      tax loss selling in december, and i dont think many
      individuals are going to bail. Institutions start doing there
      tax loss selling in september and october and
      continue right up to the end of the year.

      If tax
      selling were going to push tera to under a buck we would
      have seen it by now. Timbax, I gotta say, while i have
      pretty much lost faith of ever breaking even on this
      stock, and dont see the company existing long term, I
      think sub $1 in 60 days is utterly ludicrous. Like I
      think TERA at $200 by Dec. 31 is just as

      I think you are giving way way way too much
      importance to the floorless convertible deals. Yeah, they
      arent good but they arent all that uncommon and it is
      not a sure sign of a compnay in its death throws.
      Perhaps a good indicator of stocks to short but no
      absolute guarantee...and I assure you TERA could line up
      additional placements for 2-3 quarters...keeping the stock
      in the $4-5 range. If you are looking for an 80%
      return I hope you shorted well above $12.

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