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  • menalteed menalteed Feb 1, 2000 10:01 PM Flag


    a strong buy rating, this seems to be new but is
    not covered by the yahoo news anywhere.
    Any one
    else have any information on this coverage as it just
    came to the attention of the board today and last week
    we only had one Co covering, as far as I know.
    Please shed some light on this if you can because I'm
    wondering if SALOMON SMITH BARNEY INC gave this information
    to there investors before a news release. I think
    something or someone was in on something because we had a
    good move without news and large trade sizes all day.

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    • That wouldn't be the same Smith Barney
      that gave Tera a strong buy and 40
      target back when it was 18 on it's
      way to 3, would it?

    • I checked Yahoo research last week and noticed that there are two brokers covering TERA. So I dont think it is SSB that moved the stock today.
      Let us hope we see $9.00 tomorrow!

    • Solomon Smith Barney gave Tera a buy rating back
      in August, 1997. John Jones has been THE public
      believer in Tera for the last two years. My understanding
      is that he always believed that Tera could sell the
      systems if they could make the hardware reliable and
      manufactureable at decent cost. If he moved his buy to a strong
      buy, that probably speaks to the near term CMOS chip
      availability and other manufacturing issues. ( I'mnot sure if
      it is SSB or GKMC that is the strong buy

      The GKMC recommendation is in some ways a bigger deal
      in the short term. Lou M of GKMC has made some great
      calls in computer hardware, most recently calling
      Apple's turn when it was under $20 and telling people to
      hang on until it got over $100. He has been following
      Tera for some time, but just now has come out in favor
      of it.

      I am as enthusiastic about Tera as
      anyone around. I have had a lot of money in this stock
      for two years and bought a lot at the lows. I'm
      planning to hold for the long term. However, I think there
      is a danger of the price getting ahead of itself.
      That happened in late 1997 and 1998. I must profess
      that I have no idea how some internet and other high
      tech stocks get valued. Pay attention to the real
      world -

      - public statements on how well the
      CMOS chips work ( if you don't understand what CMOS
      chips mean to Tera, go to their home page
      - ORDERS - until we get some public announcements
      of orders, everything is speculation. I think that
      if Tera gets a couple of nice orders, the stock
      really will go up quite a bit.
      - public announcements
      of how well ' code of interest ' runs on the MTA-8
      or -16. Customers buy these computers to run code.
      The biggest codes of interest are NASTRAN and DYNA
      that run car crash codes ( short product development
      cycles ) and static design simulations. I believe DYNA
      also simulates nuclear explosions.

      I think once
      Tera starts getting orders and shipping, the stock
      will move up for years. They have a fundamentally
      different way of designing computers which is just
      beginning its " S curve" of development. If Tera gets a
      backlog of 3 MTA-16's and good CMOS, I'm a buyer in the
      $12-15 range.

      If you haven't been following this
      board for a while , be careful.

      For long folks
      like Airy, delta_gee, ROTAX, glgene, it looks like we
      are very close to a clear demonstration of something
      good - I'm still not sure what. ( ROTAX - the $ we're
      ahead are reward enough, TM and PDF help the cause by
      giving us balance, if we keep the decibel level
      reasonable, they will constructively critique reality for us;
      different viewpoints are good things; glad to have you on
      our side, though )

      To any and all Terans
      reading this board - LOTS of us here always believed
      you'd pull this off. Whatever you're doing, let us know
      as soon as you can. Keep on truckin

      Go Tera !!

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      • Thank you for the informative post, I have just
        viewed the tape the Co sent me explaing all the features
        for COMS among other things and now catching up on
        all the reading that they sent me for DD, and did
        notice that one of the long time believers is Solomon
        Smith Barney among other who have looked at TERA with a
        strong eye towards the future and the future seems to be
        very near. One thing did strike me right away is the
        fact that the have the funding to pull all the loose
        ends together and get this rolling along...looks to be
        a terrific year all in all as this is the year when
        it will all come together and the price is
        reflecting the excitement felt by all who work at TERA and
        that have followed it for a long time, something just
        seems more encouraging and closing at the 12 months
        high over the fifty and 200 day moving average should
        let you know that from a tech point of view this is
        just the start of the up trend. Software also to be
        coming out the second and third quarter that should take
        the market by storm. One last thing this stock is
        moving with the faithfull and savy investors who know a
        good ground floor
        opportunity, because as far as I
        can tell the main market has not picked up on this
        value play as of yet. I think now is the right time

        to enter this trade and will take any pull backs as
        buying time.

    • As of the end of business today,SSB continued
      their S2 rating for Tera.(See their web site).When
      Jones removes the S,and raises his rating to a strong
      buy,over 11,000 retail brokers can and SHALL peddle the
      stock. FYI.....when that happens this little run up will
      look like nothing. In addition,we should watch for buy
      rec's from other large firms as things begin to
      roll........this has been on radar screens for several years.It's
      about time.....and it seems like alot of folk's are
      starting to understand AND believe! THIS TIME it's not
      some little BS bucket(H.J.Meyers) shop churning
      away.....the big boy's are commin ta' town....hold onta' yer
      hats boys!

    • If it was Salomon Smith Barney that upgraded Tera to a Strong Buy;

      Does that mean that they have lifted the speculative rating they have had on this stock?

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