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  • briefcasechar1ey briefcasechar1ey May 10, 2006 10:39 PM Flag

    did Yeager lose his mind?

    didn't he notice that none of the other title UWs were up there with him? Why didn't he tell Dr. N.L. and the ALTA, if YOU want to say that most of the premium $ goes to examination and risk elimination, then YOU say it?

    His testimony is under review, it is absolute B*ll Shit, it was breathtaking, and it is easily disproved. It is patently false. It is a matter of public record that most of the title premium in the Washington D.C. region -- where the hearing was held, where the congressmen can look at the HUD-1s for their own houses -- goes to the realtors. BSing the press is one thing, BSing a congressional hearing is another.

    It took years to get a title CEO before congress, and finally it's been done. And for sure, he didn't disappoint. It's a shame that it was ORI - ORI and FNF are the only two title UWs who even attempt to be honest -- but nobody twisted his arm. Well, at least nobody that I know of. Unless he's a moron, and obviously he's not, I guess that his arm was twisted -- very very strongly.

    But why didn't he ask the ALTA and the Dr., "Show me the numbers -- it's my *ss on the line, not yours?" now he's going to have to show Congress and Justice the numbers. He lied his *ss off before Congress, let's see where it leads.

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