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  • wlinvest1 wlinvest1 Jan 18, 2007 10:48 PM Flag

    Pump This

    What rock did you crawl out from under Mr.Veryconfused? I noticed that you NEVER posted here before. Are you using another alias screen name because you're a COWARD? It is very dubious at best that you popped up out of nowhere to take a cheap shot at me when I was offering good investment advice to other ORI members. I never bashed ORI as a company. I only pointed out that as a stock investor, FNF has a better dividend yield and capital gain return this past year (considering the tax free FIS spin off)and longer term. Is there something I'm missing why you would want to make LESS $$$$ in ORI vs FNF?

    Mr. veryconfused, what do have to share about ORI, Fidelity, or title insurance in general? Do you have anything at all to contribute to this CB other than popping out of a cake and throwing barbs and then running away?

    Before anyone on this CB can take you seriously, tell us your investment strategy on ORI and why you think it is a better stock to own than FNF. Empty barrels make the most noise so we're all waiting.......

    If you have been LONG FNF like I have for almost 15 years and enjoyed the kind of performance this stock has had and the wealth it has created for its stockholders, you would be pumping FNF too!!!

    As I said, I don't work for FNF but have been fortunate to have owned this stock for many years and it has allowed me to become financially independent because of the genius of Bill Foley. He built this company from a small title company in Phoenix, AZ back in 1984 to a $10 Billion market cap company and the #1 title insurer in the country.

    ORI, while a good, solid company, can not even compare with the wealth that FNF has created its stockholders the past 15 years. My point intially when I first posted here was that someone was holding on to ORI just for the dividend and didn't care about the stock appreciation. This is not the smartest way to invest your hard earned $$$ when you can see a competitor in the same sector that is much more attractive of an investment. FNF has a 5.0% yield which is double ORI. Why would you pass up doubling your money if it's starring you right in the face?

    Again, I'm not knocking ORI as a company. As a stock investment, it is NOT as attractive as FNF or for that matter FAF and STC.

    It's only your money and retirement..........

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