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  • wlinvest1 wlinvest1 Feb 8, 2007 1:49 AM Flag

    Richer or Poorer

    ORI is flatlined - booooriing......

    FNF just hit a 52 week high today. Dividend yield is 5.0%.

    FIS (tax free) spin off share dividend to all FNF shareholders a few months ago went up almost $2.00 today on record 4th Qtr earnings and hit a new 52 week high. Positive outlook in 2007 with strong cash flow and increased earnings forecasted going into 2008. Also announced its regular $0.05 quarterly dividend payable in March. Remember, this is a growth play, not a value stock. I predict though that the dividend will be increased this year.

    As I've stated before, I don't work for FNF. I own a substantial position in FNF along with some FAF and STC. Veryconfused will call me a FNF pumper but he/she is ignoring the facts. I've been LONG FNF and Bill Foley (CEO) for 15 years and have made an incredible return on this stock. FNF and the tax free shares of FIS that all FNF stockholders received (0.55% FIS shares for each FNF share owned) along with the fat FNF dividend and better price appreciation on both stocks has been a BETTER INVESTMENT than ORI. I also bet on another pioneer CEO that has made me a lot of money (Angelo Mozilo of Countrywide)so it pays to invest in BEST OF BREED IMHO. ORI is not best of breed - FNF is and has been for years. Wall Street has acknowledged and rewarded the compounded growth and strong earnings of this company for years.

    I'm have done my DD on all these title stocks and have not bought ORI because it has not performed as well as the other three title insurance stocks especially FNF. FNF's Return on Equity is 16.9% vs 11.93% for ORI.

    Listed below are the 52 week trading ranges for FNF, FIS and ORI including today's closing high price:

    FNF - $17.92 - $24.86 (39% return)

    FIS - $33.50 - $45.70 (37% return)

    ORI - $20.08 - $23.74 (19% return)

    I am confident that FIS will see $50.00 before it sees $40.00.

    It's your money and retirement. Don't be married to a stock for the wrong reasons.........

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