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  • billwilson1804 Jul 22, 2010 1:40 PM Flag


    Sure seems the funds, especially hedge funds have sided with the gloom and doom right wing republicans to take our economy down hopeing for there return to political power and more Big Business deregulation and war. Must be lots of ori sympathy for them. jmo

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    • the_millionaire_next_door the_millionaire_next_door Jul 27, 2010 12:34 PM Flag

      ORI is IMO a decent example of avoiding risky levels of leverage.

      I have nothing against risk - I have an issue with the (negative) consequences of risk being born by the unwilling taxpayer. I also think you go to far in trying to pin all of the current woes on republicans. We have all seen the infamous YouTube video in which Barney Frank (answering to the Bush administration's call for more regulation of the GSEs) tells the world that there's nothing wrong at Fannie Mae.

      disclaimer: Not a real millionaire - my moniker is from the book "the millionaire next door", which studies the backgrounds of millionaires and how they got there. Incidentally, a very large percentage of them are immigrants and/or did not inherit anything.

    • billwilson1804 Jul 23, 2010 2:06 PM Flag

      I am optimistic but realize there is lots of hard work ahead. I like the prospects for ori and a safer world as we see a return to better market regulation and oversight coming for hedge funds and Big Banks with the 50 to one leverage. ORI seems not to have gotten caught up in huge leverage and obscure tricks. Great and long history of Div. increase, below book, etc. Just hope they prove ethical as time goes by.

    • call me when the mothership lands.

    • billwilson1804 Jul 22, 2010 5:15 PM Flag

      Maybe she never said Drill Baby Drill?
      Maybe she never meant to push Alaskan oil down to lower 48?
      Maybe she doesn't believe in the harmful oil fumes?
      Maybe she never thought of political gain from pumping oil and the rush that helped signal BP's hurry up and forget about the safety issues?
      Maybe the get tough image is to show understanding and compassion for others point of view? Sure seems she may be better example tending to her beautiful family needs and let the country survive oil and the corruption of Big Business.

    • the_millionaire_next_door the_millionaire_next_door Jul 22, 2010 4:15 PM Flag

      Yeah! We'd be at 4% unemployment but for the Republicans and their doom and gloom. You tell 'em JMO!


    • No help needed...OBAMA will destroy the American economy. He is the worst President this country has had!!

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      • You sure have a weak view of America and the American people. I think the attitude you display is more to blame for the downfall of the American economy than any of the actions of any politician. Americans used to be well-educated, innovative, hard-working and all we do is find someone convenient to blame for our problems and whine that the politicians aren't doing enough. Go to work/school and stop whining.

    • right. so can you be sure to tell them to give their campaign donations to Rs this year as opposed to the Ds like they usually do?

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      • billwilson1804 Jul 22, 2010 2:56 PM Flag

        Special interests are equal party corruption. They spread a little around and then get the follow up help whoever is there. Big Business does get some restraint by call for little people dems. The DRILL BABY DRILL RIGHT EVEN pushed the dems and the rush for more and ever dangerous oil use. Now some push back on Glen Beck and the real money of gold as they rake in over 30% above the believing buyer pays. Im sure they spread it around at the top though. all just my opinion but special interests are holding our country up.

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