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  • quantuon quantuon Aug 8, 2012 7:26 PM Flag


    everyone knows these two ids are one and the same person. Anyone who parades around the message boards, let alone one stock board, with more than one ID is a charade. Classic example of a flow trader who merely tries to pump up or push down a stock to talk their book....but lets look a little closer

    KAISERJOHN49 - A brand new ID created on Aug 2 for the sole purpose of bashing (me). Other intelligent posters have defended me (thank you) but for some reason this guy has yet to provide any solid thoughts on ORI and he needed to masquerade as a new "person" - a 61y old Ca. man to give himself credence, to bash me (bring it on Kaiser man!)

    MINUTE1TRADER - A supposed long-time ORI investor who has only posted 5 times. His first post was in Oct of 2010 when he was pumping this stock with the old special dividend pump (that didn't work out too well). Then his next post is in the April of 2012 (a year and 1/2 later) when he is still pumping the special dividend. He has one more telling us all how great Aldo is (like he knows him personally) and then he begins the rant against me before switching IDs

    clearly this guy is a day trader - probably at a bucket shop - who got caught on the wrong side of the trade and now he is hoping to get bailed out by longer term value investors. Speaking of which, Irving Kahn - the most celebrated value investor since Ben Graham - and the Kahn fund, sold 90% of their ORI stake. These guys hang in there on value (e.g., they've own C since crisis) so when they sell you have to ask yourself why. Or ignore and just keep on bashing....

    I'll be back - and I bet you can't wait till I deliver my research report Kaiser ;-0

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