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  • kaiserjohn49 kaiserjohn49 Aug 8, 2012 11:21 PM Flag


    All you are doing now is CRYING. That was not my goal. I just wanted people to know what they were getting. I assume since there have been NO comments – nobody cares and/or they know what they are getting when they read your comments. SO BE IT. Yes, I do TRADE successfully. I even teach people how to trade. And my biggest GOAL in teaching is helping PEOPLE NOT LOSE MONEY.

    I do not PUMP AND DUMP because I do not have to. There are so many good TRADING stocks, why waste my time on PUMP AND DUMP.

    I do not/nor have I every Day-Traded ORI. ORI is a good place to park money and get a good dividend especially in comparison to what BANKS are paying. ORI is not a good Day Trading stock because it has too little volume, too little size on the BID and ASK SIDES and the TRADINGG RANGE is too small. With ORI you could not cover your fees much less make a living. That little bit of DAY-TRADING information is for FREE. I will not even charge you. I don’t want you to CRY ANYMORE.

    In my 30 year working LIFE I interviewed more than 5,000 people and have done HR consulting because I am very good at evaluating people. I feel because of that experience I can figure out people very quickly. I really have met and talked to AL. I have attended stockholder meetings and been in breakout sessions with him. He is a good manager of people and a good money man. He really wants to pay THAT DIVIDEND. He wants the price per share and the dividend to grow every year. I believe that and I believe him because I have gotten to know him a little bit at a time. So QUANTUON – HOW MANY STOCKHOLDER MEETING HAVE YOU BEEN TO? HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU TALKED TO AL ONE ON ONE? PLUS WHY DO YOU NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT HOW MANY SHARES YOU OWN? WHAT IS YOUR AGENDA? OR DO WE ALREADY KNOW.

    I have not posted much over the years because I did not have the time plus I did not feel I needed to. I am like a lot of people - I always hope for the best. I was hoping for the SPECIAL DIVIDEND and thought it would come only because of past history. I was wrong. I posted my HOPE and nothing else.

    The BIG BOYS do READ THESE MESSAGE BOARDS and maybe READING QUANTUON is why KAHN reduced their position or maybe they just needed to take some profits and/or tax loses and get back in at a lower price. But, please go to this sight/holding page and you will see that KAHN is not the biggest BOY. Plus the BIGGEST BOYS actually increased their positions because they paid no attention to QUANTUON – thank God.

    Please do what I do and listen to all the conference calls.The same Analysts are always there. They ask very good questions and continue to give ORI good ratings. Check this out.

    So I guess they do not care what QUANTUON thinks either and maybe this MESSAGE BOARD SHOULD PAY ATTENTION TO THAT.

    So, I ask everyone on this board to judge for yourself. My only goal is – PLEASE DO NOT LOSE ANY MONEY. That is what I teach. Please do a good job of researching everything you can, so you don’t lose any money. And please keep this in mind when you read what everyone says especially on these Message Boards. Figure out who is helping and who is hurting your style of INVESTING and/or TRADING especially if some one has a lot to say but owns NO SHARES in the stock they know so much about.

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    • Heh dum dum....thanks for that link

      Clearly shows the value guys: Perkins, Kahn, and FMR were dumping.....glad you find solace that net shares were sold. Oh Gosha Trading added....yeah that sounds like a value investor.......Do you even look at the data you send out???

      As far as analysts "ask very good questions and continue to give ORI good ratings" U have to be joking....that must be some bucket shop u r at....u have no idea how street side research works, do you? They have to brown-nose so they can get the underwriting buz......


      crying all the way to the bank

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