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  • provestor1 provestor1 Jan 18, 2013 6:43 PM Flag


    Your response was very much appreciated. I see less Ethicon used compared to Covidien but then again I just see the orders. Cardica device is being submitted for 510 approval process and is being used in Europe from what I've heard. Recently, Applied Medical bought some 10 % of the company CRDC stock with JNJ rumored to be looking at CRDC as well. Maybe COV should take a pass and continue working on their 5mm stapler. I'd hate to see COV waste money or lose out.

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    • Wasn't trying to sell you short, it is a worthwhile idea. I just currently see COV-Surgical as a "me too" company. But in my opinion the real future is with the Ligasure/ energy platform as well a robotics. If someone could make a small profile stapler that could be operated via Da Vinci, within the cavity without multiple access points they would be on to something. In the same vein (pun intended) the Ligasure platform holds a lot of promise for the future. To be able to make a permanent tissue seal without the need for a foreign body is huge. As well, energy doesn't require nearly the same amount of size to gain access. Just enough to run two wires to two electrodes that can clamp onto tissue....the other option is the absorbable staple... somewhat like the polymer hernia mesh tacker. With all of the news about foreign body rejection of meshes the aim is for less foreign bodies to reduce risk and malpractice cost to doctors. Plus 1 Ligasure i good for 25 application at $500 a pop, versus $500 dollars a pop per staple line. Good for sales, not good for healthcare costs.... and with the clamps being put to healthcare costs hospitals will seek out value options such as this.

      Regardless,and back to your point, the 5mm stapler is a big upgrade and a great progression that will be extremely valuable for SILS (single incision) applications. And may very well be targeted by COV... they did it with Sofradim when they bought on them on way up... but they went for value with Powered.... it would be interesting to see if they are in a "technology leader" mindset or a "value" mindset at this stage.

      IMHO, the next phase is a device that can access the body from a site that is much less susceptable to major pain, infection or vital organs. Imagine being able to snake a pronating, rotating, extending stapler through the leg, armpit, or even orally and being able to access a throacic cavity application. Much like inserting a coranary stent via the femoral vein.

      Beyond that, a camera, grasper and tissue sealing device that requires one 10mm access point.... Sounds somewhat pie in the sky, but doing surgery without opening the chest sounded outrageous at the time too. This is where the technology is going.

      In reality, at the end of the day, doctors love to be "doing something" they just love to throw sutures, if they could create a 5mm device that could perform suturing (almost like an internal sewing machine) using absorbable suture.... not just a simplistic Endo Stitch but something gives a doctor a warm fuzzy by hearing a "WHIRR WHIRR WHIRR" when he hears the suture being applied they could have a decent device with good sales. It sounds silly to make devices just to make doctors feel good about themselves, but at the end of the day that is what the average doc in Podunk Medical Center is looking for. Nearly all of them wil lstill throw that good night stitch "just because".

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      • In reality, at the end of the day, doctors love to be "doing something"

        This is pretty funny.. Doctors want to ensure that what the do will be LEAST INVASIVE!!! They want to complete surgeries with the least amount of actions possible. Surgeons want devices that ensure that what they do requires the least amount of effort with the maximum amount of safety. Your pipe dream disturbs me... I would love to throw down two paragraphs on how you don't know what the hell you are talking about but I think one will suffice.

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